The company is widely known for having a clear and simple website. First-time users who visited the resource for the first time can easily find the necessary functions and cope without any help. This is the best proof of the quality of UI UX design examples.

Highlighting the main components of success allows a detailed study of the content pages. In favor of the choice of the site says:

  • The home page. In front of the user opens a catalog of several dozen options, so the purpose of using the service becomes very clear. Getting confused at the stage of first acquaintance is extremely difficult, so the choice of such UI / UX design examples – a definite plus.
  • Search. It takes minimum time to familiarize with the offers. Visitors can choose the filters they want without any inconvenience. Unlike other similar services, the filtering system consists of necessary and demanded options.
  • Map. To explore the options it is enough to open the map and select a location. These two actions separate the visitor from choosing a vacation spot. Using the map is very easy, so customers do not face any difficulties thanks to examples of UX design.

Despite the fact that not all solutions can be considered new, their implementation has been beneficial. Novelty does not play a role, as the spread of a single idea indicates that it is in demand. The popularity of the service is growing, which means that it is a good UX UI design examples.

Continuous elimination of complexities guarantees a growth in credibility. Switching to a simple use allows you to captivate the user for a long time. In this way, it is possible to increase the number of subscriptions to the newsletter, increase the conversion rate and set the direction for development.

The change of course allowed to open new opportunities for development. In this way, it was possible to attract investment and reduce the amount of losses. The improved design of the pages has led to an increased demand for the services provided in recent years.


A well-known platform for publishing and watching videos has quickly gained an audience. It uses a popular design with an eye on examples of UX design. Among the main advantages of video hosting are:

  • creation of selections that may be of interest to the profile owner after logging into the account;
  • analyzing viewed videos to provide quick access to other interesting videos;
  • possibility to estimate the found material thanks to the moving preview with the frames from the video.

Collecting personal information took personalization to the next level. Finding similar lists of recommended videos is impossible, as algorithms evaluate several factors at once. For example, frequent visits to the section with current trends leads to the appearance of relevant novelties in the recommendations section.

Maximum simplification of hosting through UI UX design examples allows you to find relevant videos, taking into account the previously viewed. Thanks to this approach to the tasks even children can find interesting videos. Appearance of other topics in the feed is excluded as the hosting is working on improving the algorithms.


Despite the fact that Grammarly is a tool for checking your grammar, the company uses the tricks of UX design. Working with the service doesn’t require a constant visit to the site, as it’s an offline extension. The developers have managed to apply UI/UX design examples to create an advertising mailing list.

Letters to clients do not come often, but you can always find valuable tips and hints in them. This approach helps to remind users of the need to log in again and dive into account statistics. Tooltips help you edit your text for detected errors.

The service can detect not only grammatical blunders, but also frequent use of the same phrases. Detailed explanations help to get rid of the detected flaws, taking into account the current rules. This feature attracts not only regular users but also people who learn a new language and try to use it in their everyday life.


The search engine is the fastest and most convenient to use. This result was achieved almost immediately after its appearance. The main page is not remarkable abundance of elements, and to search enough to specify a query and press “Enter”.

No major changes have had to be made during the entire existence of the company. Regular simplification of the search engine and removal of unnecessary elements allowed the service to remain popular. This is a good UX design example for those organizations that want to create a quality product and make minimal changes.

The desire to make the service as simple as possible allowed the search engine to become frequently used throughout the world. It is believed that the brand has no serious competitors, so he made the public market almost a monopoly. It is difficult to compete with such a giant, and the reason for this is the presence of professionals and the presence of examples of UX design.

Google products are developing in sync, and improvement of one offer leads to improvement of another. Returning to the original version cannot be considered a negative experience, because the consumer is ultimately satisfied with the service received. The company is not afraid to make decisions and refuses to innovate if necessary.


Working with payment systems allows you to pay your bills in minutes. The widespread use of payment methods makes companies look for ways to increase user engagement. UI/UX design examples are often used to solve this problem.

Analysis of user experience by a fintech design agency allowed us to determine the requirements for the product. PayPal took into account the discovered problems and tried to solve them for the convenience of their customers. Using the payment system has become much easier and the number of registered accounts is gradually increasing.

The brand was able to achieve its goal by creating a comfortable space for visitors. The main innovations are:

  • Pop-up menu. Inexperienced newcomers are worried about the safety of personal data and do not know how to use the system. To close the questions now enough to implement the examples of UX design. Then go to the main page and open an additional menu. Here you can find information about security, ways to protect yourself from fraudsters and other useful things for newbies.
  • Quick access to the help center. Answers to common questions and troubleshooting are combined in one information section. Users can immediately familiarize themselves with the options for solving difficult situations and apply what they’ve learned. Thus, newbies don’t have to ask for help from the helpdesk staff and quickly cope with difficulties.
  • Latest news. To find out about changes in PayPal, open the suggested reviews. The brand disseminates information about the innovations by posting help materials. All this is available directly from the main page of the service.
  • Description of the benefits. It is possible to attract the attention of the audience thanks to the statement of the pros. Users immediately know what they are agreeing to: the absence of commissions, free shipping and other privileges. They learn about it from a short description. Want more information? Follow this link. Use this UX UI design examples to create a comfortable environment on your site.
  • Instructions for use. Posting information about easy registration and options for use ensures easy familiarity. There is no need to search for payment system information, because PayPal has already provided that information. This is a great example of how customer problems should be addressed before they arise.

PayPal’s experience best demonstrates how to improve UI UX design examples. You don’t need to expect direct requests for help or create a section with answers to common questions. Put useful information on the home page and close that need instantly.


The leading brand entices users into its networks through concise page design. Getting acquainted with the online store takes seconds, because the developers have taken into account the experience of loyal customers. If fans stay with the company due to the presence of arguments confirmed by practice, then new consumers manage to attract in other ways.

Turning a potential customer into a regular customer goes unnoticed. This is also an advantage for the brand. However, it is worth paying attention to other non-obvious features. Achieving high results in the industry was possible thanks to bright examples of UX design:

  • the use of thumbnails to describe sections;
  • the list of all products at the top of the page;
  • the unique selection of fonts and design.

The brand does not seek to maximize the space on its pages. Its list of privileges consists of other requirements. The user must quickly find information about products and offers, which is the main advantage of a well-known creator of exclusive products.

The use of new technologies allows to look at the products in a new way. In this way, the number of fans increases, which is what is required for development. Applying the Apple experience allows to grow together with the audience, which instantly catches the eye of a new consumer and motivates to develop a passing acquaintance further. This is a prime example of how a resource’s user interface plays an important role. Page design either attracts or repels. The more effort put into improving the site, the higher the level of loyalty. You can visit other online stores to find original products, but why? The official site wins over the competition and remains popular.


Personalization of offers is also part of the UX design implementation. Users of the service have already been able to see this in their experience. To achieve the goal, it was enough to develop the direction to create unique playlists and add some features.

Streaming audio tracks using the advantages of UX design becomes easier. Studying the service as an example allows discovering possible directions for development. Analysis of the decisions made to improve the experience is able to adapt the idea to other platforms or systems.

Fans of the service can share their music with friends and listen to any track together. Folders with interesting selections are tailored to visitors’ tastes, so it’s easy for music lovers to find the right audio. The cycle of personalized music is also interesting, which makes the service with examples of UX design in demand and indispensable.

The audio streaming platform has been unprofitable for some time. We managed to change the situation by making decisions in favor of improving the user experience. At the moment, the number of listens with the suggested selections exceeds the rates of opening audio from personalized profiles of performers.

ASOS / Zara

The presence of competitors forces the company to come up with new ways to attract the audience. The widespread use of various online stores has not affected the brand’s sales figures. This is primarily due to the study of user experience and the use of quality design examples.

The retailer’s official website looks too simple, and this is its main advantage of UI UX design examples. Visitors don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the right products or offers. All you have to do is select a category and go on to explore the assortment. This is an idea worth adopting for all stores that want to retain customers.

However, the work done is not limited to simply accessing the product catalog. The brand entices users with other innovations as well:

  • providing efficient searches through prompts when entering a query and providing descriptions (stock balance, size and more);
  • additional filters include a choice of style, color and other characteristics of available goods, which significantly simplifies the search process;
  • since shoppers are guided by appearance and price to select clothing, the retailer places this information on the listing page;
  • active use of high-quality images of products from the current assortment;
  • absence of mandatory registration is also causing some excitement among shoppers, as the number of unused accounts is inexorably growing;
  • offering free shipping worldwide good UX design examples that online shoppers will appreciate.

Having so many features that are easy to explain has allowed the retailer to gain a foothold in the market. The wide range of products attracts users, but the effort to simplify the search is worth the time spent. ASOS / Zara have proven that exhausting the customer to order is not at all necessary.

Ordering is the final stage of using the resource. To increase the conversion rate you only need to improve examples of UX design and get rid of distractions. Placing informative images of payment methods and not having to move from page to page contributes to the increase of orders.


Medium’s main page is notable for being informative. Users instantly learn about how to use the service thanks to concise descriptions. After getting acquainted with the company, users are offered to evaluate the content of pages.

Today, millions of accounts are registered at the service. This result was achieved thanks to:

  • Modern UI UX design examples. The laconic design of the pages allows not to distract from what is happening on the site and pay attention to the . The minimum of bright elements promotes relaxation and better blockchain design agencyconcentration. Since there is a lot to learn on the platform, this solution is a good UX design examples.
  • Separation of articles. In order to find interesting materials it is suggested to use filters. Articles are divided into several categories, so it is easy to find useful information. Registered users mark their preferences and take advantage of the platform.
  • The “Trends” tab. Popular and frequently read articles appear in a special tab. In this way, readers can quickly learn about events that concern other users of the resource. Informative headlines won’t let you deviate from your preferred topic.
  • Material description. Medium informs readers about the amount of time it takes to read the material. Users can estimate their resources and make sure that the article meets their expectations. Determination of time is relative, but this feature considerably simplifies common readers’ life.
  • Quick access to menus. The company doesn’t make finding the main sections complicated, and it’s a decent UX UI design examples. Readers just need to scroll down the page a bit and get a chance to ask for help or learn more about the platform. In most cases, this takes time, which readers try to save.

Medium’s list of recommended articles is also commendable. The brand selects the best content and invites readers to read the content. The identity of the author is not confidential information, so if interest is detected, you can always go to the profile page and continue reading.

A section with job descriptions will help you get a job with the company. Users do not need to check the reliability of the employer, because it is Medium itself. Searching for new employees online is nothing new, but the platform does its best to attract authors, designers and other freelancers.


For the Notion system to work effectively, the user must customize the interface to meet his or her requirements. To this end, the developers suggest dividing tasks into several directions. For each of them, there is a separate kanban board, which makes performing tasks easier.

The original solution, which attracts visitors to the service, is the ability to set up unique characters. This allows you to distribute tasks and create a comfortable environment to work in. Personal settings are available in a special section on the main page.

Another UI UX design examples is the sending of notifications. Users need to enter information about the deadline for a particular project, and the system will automatically notify them to complete what has been started. You can reschedule if necessary, but forgetting about an urgent task is unlikely.

On the main page after creating a profile there are sections to be opened first. The service provides information for interested novice consumers. The availability of various examples of UX design allows you to create a workspace of your own taste without any difficulty.


Services for watching interesting videos try to improve the experience of the user who trusted them. In this segment of the market, Netflix deserves special attention, which is actively used by customers from around the world. The secret of its popularity lies in the development of a comfortable and easy space to watch programs, movies and TV series.

To determine how good the company’s examples of UX design is, you need to pay attention to:

  • Personalization. Collecting data in examples of UX design allows you to make lists of recommendations and take into account the tastes of users. Selections of interesting shows are compiled based on the analysis of thousands of profiles, which increases their relevance. Thus, every subscriber of the service gets what he/she wants without efforts.
  • Simplicity of UX design examples. New users get information about the service the first time they visit it. A brief summary and the ability to unsubscribe at any time helps a newcomer to relax and get acquainted with the content of the video hosting service. Such simple things are available for many companies, but for some reason everyone forgets about them.
  • Experimentality. Updates to the resource excite visitors, and the company watches the reaction of customers. The analysis of the data allows to develop a new direction or return the service to its original state. Thanks to such UI/UX design examples it is possible to increase the number of regular users.

Observing the work of a well-known brand allows you to detect some missteps that are unavailable to betting app design or newcomers. For example, the introduction of new features must be supported by customer interest. Otherwise, the investment of capital will not bring the desired result.

Despite the presence of bugs, Netflix is good UX design examples. The achievements of the brand confirm the thought of designers and marketers, who believe that the future is defined by simplicity and convenience. There are many opportunities to open new facets, so it is worth analyzing the requirements of customers.

The famous streaming service became especially popular during the introduction of quarantine restrictions. Due to the study of user expectations managed to attract about 16 million new subscribers. Today Netflix is by right one of the popular services in different parts of the world.

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group’s popularity is due to their expertise in user experience analysis. Their UI/UX design examples enable the benefits and use of information. Since the company knows everything about consumers, it’s worth checking out their website to see how ideas are translated into reality.

The home page is informative. Here you will find useful articles, an application form to order services, and access to the blog. For quick access to interesting sections thanks to UI UX design examples there is a top line. All the popular pages that attract visitors are listed there.

To get more information about the company, just get to the end of the main page. There are no questions about the contents of the suggested sections, as everything is clear from the name. This is a great example of design that helps users benefit from visiting the site.

A brief description of the company from the examples of UX design also provokes the interest of potential customers. From the first minutes it is possible to understand why to move on to further exploration of the pages. Easy wording contributes to the establishment of contact, which in the future will bring good profits.

The presence of a huge knowledge base allows you to find useful information for all those involved in design. On the site will be able to find real examples of the modern approach and make sure that they are effective. Visitors don’t have to guess what’s behind the famous name, and it’s definitely worth the public’s attention.


Visitors to the Behance platform get to see different designs and get new ideas for their projects. In order to use the resource without causing any problems, the brand has decided to hire UX designers. The attention of users is attracted by:

  • Case studies. In addition to the usual UI/UX design examples, on the site you can find the order of the project, taking into account the selected filters. This helps designers to develop and improve their skills. Detailed descriptions of the steps will allow you to create design projects with another user’s experience in mind.
  • Selection Assistance. Beginner designers can’t immediately determine which ideas are really worth considering. The Curator function can be used for this purpose. The assistant can tell you which of the proposed works are up to date and which are not. This makes the search for and generation of ideas much easier.
  • Live broadcasts. Search for information about the direction and find suitable examples directly on the platform. Newbies can ask questions to professionals in live broadcasts, instead of waiting for answers from bloggers on video hosting sites. Thanks to UI/UX design examples you can easily get the information you need and continue your work.
  • Portfolio creation. In order to get a job, the designer needs to fill the site with suitable examples. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time studying, it is worth taking advantage of Behance. This way, you can create a portfolio on behalf of the profile and use it to fill the site.
  • Job posting. Finding a job with Behance becomes the next component of a great experience. The service hosts relevant job postings that make collaborating with employers easier. Not having to spend time on third-party resources is an important benefit.

Using UI UX design examples allows you to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the job and assess the results in advance. As your abilities develop, you will be able to create projects on your own and post them on a familiar platform. Working carefully to create a comfortable work environment is the main reason to join Behance.


The tool for teamwork is well known among members of various professions. Initially, it seems that the reason lies in the low cost of packages, but this idea is far from the truth. Confluence has managed to attract attention by introducing special conveniences from examples of UX design.

Since the tool is not the only offer, it was possible to attract the audience’s attention due to the prominence of other products. However, when it comes to the reasons for continuing to collaborate, it is worth considering the unique features that are specific to a particular product, Confluence.

Teamwork requires a quick resolution of issues at any time. For this purpose, the company offers to leave comments in documents and use its own templates. No additional software is needed to perform such simple tasks thanks to UI UX design examples.

A mobile app can be installed for seamless access to the tool. The smart version of the site is the same as the desktop version. Users will easily find the features they need and can use it to work without a PC at hand.

The ability to create a blog for your team is also appealing. Posting information that only pertains to employees will build trust within the team. Include in your UX design process the creation of a recommendation section for new team members to make it easier for newcomers to adapt.

Commenting on documents is a service. Employees can share their opinions without any problems, and there is no need to repeat several times: all comments are available to the team. Setting up the function takes a minimal amount of time.


The online platform is designed for simplified organization of work processes. Using the service allows you to coordinate the actions of each team member. You can learn about it as soon as you go to the main page of the platform. And these are simple UX UI design examples.

First-time users do not have to guess how to use it and the list of available features. Navigating to useful information is also unnecessary, as platform visitors immediately get answers to their questions. It offers not only to learn about the product, but also to register your own account.

You can create an account for free for testing purposes. The functionality is available in demo mode, so the decision to register will be weighted. This way you can introduce customers to the value of the offers and convince them to choose a plan.

Information about the features that are in demand is posted on the main page. Potential customers have no difficulty studying the information offered in a single click. Notably, the preliminary description of the functionality is already a great source of information (“Work together wherever you are!”).

The tool allows you to combine all the applications you use in one menu and thus get rid of a lot of open tabs. This proposal attracts by its convenience, that’s why it is extremely difficult to refuse examples of UX design.

Getting to know the online platform includes exploring the overview of UI UX design examples. Interested users can evaluate the attractiveness of the design pages, read about the features used and put the knowledge into practice. With easy access to useful information, there is no need to waste time searching for information.

The unknown platform quickly became in demand and gained the status of a top startup. After the service was ranked by Forbes, its popularity skyrocketed. The work done to improve the experience yielded the desired result.