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Custom CRM

By using CRM solutions, companies can keep track of hundreds of clients and streamline all business processes, making the business more profitable. Working with our team to customize the appropriate CRM solution for your particular business needs can help you outpace competitors in this thriving market.

Rental property management

Rental property management requires comprehensive, flexible solutions. Our agency has experience in building payment and booking systems that cater to the needs of landlords and reservation managers who need extensive reservation features, including calendars, payment gateway, and integration with insurance systems.

Building management systems

Building management systems help control all the building functions under one interface, making it easier to monitor and maintain all aspects of the building. Our hands-on experience is the key to designing a top-notch proposal and helping you create a customized system for your business.

Commercial real estate solutions

We can create a custom commercial real estate management product by combining the first-class design solutions with your business requirements and goals. Our real estate web design agency has a proven track record of designing software products of the highest quality and performance standards.

Free real estate consultations

1. Submit a request

We have a full range of professionals ready to undertake the most challenging tasks. Submit a request for a free consultation, and we will get back to you quickly.

2. Discuss your product

Our analyst will work closely with you to develop a clear picture of your needs and goals so that our web design for real estate experts can begin addressing your questions as quickly as possible.

4. Get solutions for your product development

To improve your business, you need the input of a team of experts in web design for real estate. We will develop an in-depth assessment and solutions your company can use its current products to boost profits and open new markets through innovative design.

3. Workshop with experts

Once we know your goals, we will meet to discuss the first iteration results and explore opportunities that can maximize your success. You will meet seasoned professionals with the expertise needed to help your business succeed.

How we differ

Proven expertise

We put our expertise in web design for real estate to work for you, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Dedicated teams

You can gain your own team of design professionals who can create a perfectly tailored solution to your business needs.

Go further

Our real estate web design agency partners with people who strive to build a better future.

Testimonials from our clients

Our customers say 5.0  out of 5 based on

Limeup did a great job designing a new interface for our trading platform. They have quickly understood the needs and have produced good quality work quickly. The design now has a modern look and follows trends but still maintains the company's identity. The team was patient throughout the entire process, which I believe is vital for a successful project.

Sophia Shevchenko
Product Owner
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I’ve got to say that Limeup is a great development partner for us. Working with them is always a smooth experience. We complement each other on many levels. Limeup’s knowledge of web technologies and design standards has helped us solve various problems during our iGaming website development process – not only for the development itself but also for providing ideas about the project’s architecture and planning.

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Business Development Manager
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Limeup is a great partner to work with. They were one of the first companies that got on board with us and our betting system. Limeup was very proactive in communication and was able to understand our needs and implement them. Their design is well structured and easy to work with.

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Product Owner
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How can you help my business with real estate digital design?

Limeup is a team of multidisciplinary professionals helping real estate companies worldwide create digital designs tailored to their industry and their needs. Our core real estate design services are:

  • Web design for real estate
  • UX design
  • Application design
  • CRM solutions

Do your capabilities cover the entire product development cycle?

Absolutely. As a full-service agency focused on web design for real estate, Limeup provides services for every project stage, from research to user experience design to a final launch. We can bring together all the specialists you need to create valuable digital products from scratch and succeed in business.

Can you consult me on my real estate product?

Yes, we can apply our experience in real estate product design, launch, and improvement. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll discuss your project. We’ll develop a solution once we understand your goals.

How to choose a design agency to get the best website design for real estate?

Choosing the right design vendor is never a decision to be taken lightly. Choose a company that has built a reputation for its flexibility, adaptability, and attention to detail. When selecting one, make sure they have:

  • Real estate web design expertise

When selecting a real estate web design vendor, you must find one knowledgeable about current trends in the real estate industry which can help you integrate modern technology into your business.

  • Solid portfolio

You should go for websites design for real estate agency with an exemplary portfolio of similar successful projects. Also, make sure it has a strong track record and positive testimonials.

  • Multifunctional team

Consider what types of team members you’ll need to develop your real estate product. Ensure your chosen company has the right pool of experts, including designers, project managers, quality assurance engineers, etc.

  • Flexibility

The best real estate web design agency to work with is one that can meet your requirements and alert you to design or specification issues that will save you and the partner considerable time and effort.

  • Budget matching your opportunities

Pricing is an integral part of the decision-making process. You should have a clear budget that includes the cost of the best website design for real estate, as well as development, support, maintenance, and updates. When choosing a company providing web design for real estate, ensure that its rates fit within allotted budget. Consider your needs carefully before making a final choice.

What are the UX design best practices for the real estate industry?

Below are prior best practices that your real estate product will benefit from.

  • User-centricity

  • You risk losing potential clients if your website does not have good UI/UX. Good UI/UX design is not just about making the site look good but also allows your customers to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. It reduces the burden on your support team, brings more leads, increases conversions, and cuts significant training costs.

  • Usability over aesthetics

  • In the race to provide unique and stunning artwork, designers often forget to hold onto their most basic purpose: to convey information. That’s why we, as websites design for real estate agency, urge you to find a balance between art and substance. Then, combine these two things into a digital product that will impress your users with its consistency in delivering intuitive content, simplicity in navigating, and user-friendliness.

  • Eye-catching call-to-actions

  • Call-to-actions grab attention and generate more leads on every page. Lead generation CTAs should be brief and clear, using stimulating and motivating words. Use real estate industry-specific language patterns to persuade potential buyers, renters, or sellers to act now.

  • Advanced search options

  • Allow users to search by keyword and save their favorite search results. Let them search by a property’s location, amenities, size, number of beds/baths, etc. Search by unique parameters, like beachfront houses, hiking trails, or saunas, will help people relate to the property as an experience rather than just a transaction.

  • Continuous updates

  • Finally, remember that even the most successful digital products should grow in functionality and incorporate new data as it comes to light. A user experience audit can help a real estate web design agency enhance a product’s overall usability and accessibility, improve the interface’s consistency across devices, and boost its Google rankings.

What features does a winning real estate product need?

Web design for real estate companies is an essential aspect of your business, regardless of size. Your website should be optimized not only for search engine ranking but also for user experience. Below is the list of proven useful features of web design for real estate companies that will help you get the most out of your product.

  • Map location

  • Location is the most important factor in real estate, whether you’re talking about a property listed on a map, an app displaying the property, or an agent involved with both.

  • Navigation and street view

  • People who browse real estate listings can’t always tell if a property is a good fit just by looking at pictures and maps. Every app that deals with real estate should give users the ability to view properties from every angle, including street-level views.

  • Search & save

  • Allow users to search the database using advanced filters, such as proximity to bars, public transit, and landmarks. Also, allow users to save their favorite properties on a personal dashboard, making it more accessible in the future to search for similar properties.

  • Personal profiles
  • You must have user profiles in order to let users save houses and book appointments on your app.

  • Neighborhood guides

  • Community guides and neighborhood maps are great tools enabling the users of a real estate platform to get a sense of what the area has to offer. The best way to ensure these are helpful to users is to conduct market research to pinpoint what is most appealing to customers while also answering questions they may have.

  • Chatbots

  • Chatbots are capable of answering the most common client questions and concerns. Customers can easily identify and access information, and if the issue is too complex, a human representative can always be connected. By increasing trust with the chatbot, companies can establish a connection with clients.

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