Project Plan


Design and development of real estate tokenization web and mobile applications


Product Manager, UX Researcher, 2 Product Designers, 3 Back-end and 2 Front-end developers, QA Engineer


22 weeks


60 Platform screens + adaptive versions, 80 App screens, corporate website


Bloс is a German real estate tokenization platform that is set to redefine real estate market liquidity by dividing properties into smaller digital token units.

Tokenized real estate provides an innovative way to get access to the real estate market, where investors can buy, sell and trade tokens representing a membership interest in specific properties. Each token is designed to have a tangible value that can be traded on a marketplace for buyers and sellers and purchased using cryptocurrencies.

Our team has worked on web and mobile applications that allow for easy purchase and sale of property tokens and tracking ownership fractions and the income they generate.



Our team recommended developing web and mobile applications based on in-depth market analysis to make the opportunity widely available to investors.

The design team conducted research-driven interviews and created prototypes to collect comprehensive feedback from our target audience. We researched third-party service providers and implemented the most reliable, cost-effective solution for the platform.

The web and mobile applications we built have made it easy for users to purchase property tokens, keep track of their ownership fractions, and watch their income grow.

Property highlights
Property page
Transaction history
Work with patient
Exercises administration
Patients’ list

Information Architecture

Designing the information architecture allowed us to identify what content should be placed on each page, how pages should interact with each other, and what data should be displayed in what order. By following an information architecture that works with user behaviors, we ensure users can find their way around the platform at a glance.

Information Architecture

Property profile

We’ve ensured property owners control their property. Our platform allows them to access detailed information about their property, including its location, size, and value. They can purchase properties, sell them and calculate the profit effortlessly.

Legal issues

A tokenization project is complicated by a number of legal and practical issues, all of which can adversely affect its success. To address these challenges, we sought advice from knowledgeable securities, tax, accounting, and real estate professionals.

As a result, our platform streamlines these legal barriers involved in making an investment, keeping the purchase and selling process transparent and secure.

Tokenized asset dashboard

The tokens dashboard allows users to manage all of their real estate tokens in one place. Users can view the value of their tokens over time, along with important information about when properties are expected to be built or finished. The dashboard also provides a detailed breakdown of all holdings and lets users perform modifications as needed to get the most out of their investments.

UI Kit

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