Limeup is a team of 25+ UX designers, researchers, and developers working with clients from various industries worldwide.

UX design service

Our UX services

Product design

We assign the most suitable UX experts to help you develop a customized UX solution to meet your business goals and customers' needs. Whether you work on a web or mobile application, ecommerce platform, or software product, we can help you bring your ideas to life.

User experience research

We help you analyze the current state of your product and validate your business ideas. Our experts do a competitive analysis and use various UX research methods, such as user interviews and testing, to discover the usability issues and pain points of your target audience.

UX audit

A usability audit is a 2-4 week evaluation of your digital product user interface to discover and document usability issues that make your potential customers leave. If tackled successfully, it will help you improve your product’s UX and business performance.

UX consulting

We offer on-demand UX design consulting services to product management, design, and development teams who want to level up their UX expertise, get a clear understanding of their audience’s needs and improve the overall product strategy.

Wireframing and prototyping

Our UX experts help you build a solid product prototype and test it with your potential customers before design and development. This way, we help you discover and fix usability issues, save development costs and release a flawless product.

Custom solution

Did not find the UX design service you were looking for? Need some help? Let us know your current challenges and business goals via our contact form, and we will develop a custom UX solution for you.


Our UX design process

1. Product discovery

We kick off our UX design process with product discovery, where our goal is to understand our client's challenges and goals. As a next step, our experts conduct UX research to make data-driven design decisions.

product discovery

2. Wireframing and prototyping

Based on the research findings, we put together a product prototype and test it with end users. Our goal is to identify friction points in navigation and usability issues affecting the user journey.

wireframing and prototyping

3. Iteration

We iterate a prototype based on the findings from the previous step to eliminate most usability, navigation, and clarity issues before creating a pixel-perfect user interface design.


4. Product design

Our UX/UI experts create an intuitive UX design for a product based on the proven-to-work prototype. We discuss the design with the client to ensure every piece of feedback is implemented.

product design

5. Product development support

As a UI UX design services company, we offer on-demand development support to product teams to ensure the design is coded in the right way. Alternatively, we can also do full-scale product development.

product development support

See what we worked on

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    Real Estate
    german-flag Germany

    Designed and developed a web and mobile tokenization platform for a real estate company

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    Mobile tokinization platform design
    View Case arrow-grey
    usa-flug USA

    Developed a software solution for a healthcare startup that received a €700,000 growth grant

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    Healthcare product design for Racoon Recovery

Why work with us

We support your product team at every step of the UX design process
We design impactful digital products based on research findings
93% of our experts are at mid- and senior-levels
7+ years of experience developing products for companies worldwide
Ongoing support after the product release


What happens after you contact us?

Once you submit the contact form on our website, our account manager will reach out to you to arrange an introductory call.

We jump on a call on your preferred day and time to learn about your current UX challenges and business goals. We discuss our user experience design services, share our UX design and development processes, answer your questions and define whether we are the right fit for you.

We might ask you to share some information related to your product to assess the scope of work and prepare a proposal for you.

No worries, we never collect, use and share our clients’ data without their consent. We can also sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) if needed.

Once all terms and conditions are clarified, we sign the collaboration contract and jump on your project.

How does the collaboration look?

We start our collaboration with a kick-off call, where our UX experts meet your product team, discuss the project details, set up the expectations and agree on the communication tools and frequency.

As a UX design services company, we always make data-driven decisions and build products for users and with users in mind.

Therefore, our UX professionals conduct user experience research to analyze the current state of your product and your customers’ pain points.

If we develop a product from scratch, we run user interviews and survey your target audience to better understand their needs and challenges.

In both scenarios, we apply valuable research insights to build a prototype of your product, which helps us validate our design concept before passing it to design and development. It’s an essential step that helps us prioritize your development efforts and safe costs.

Once the prototype is iterated and improved, our UX UI experts start designing the user interface of your product.

We share, discuss and approve designs during regular calls with your product team to ensure your feedback is implemented correctly.

At the end of our collaboration, we hand over a pixel-perfect UI design and a solid design system.

Should you need help with product development, we can assign the most suitable development experts to build and launch your product.

Who are Limeup UI UX experts?

At Limeup, we employ mid and senior-level UX experts who’ve worked on user interface design services, user experience research, and product development.

We partner with startups and tech companies worldwide to help with UX software design services, corporate website design, and custom UX solutions.

The following are just a few notable companies we’ve worked with:

  • Connect44, a Swiss telecommunication company.
  • NextE, a Romanian technology and services company committed to creating energy solutions for sustainable businesses.
  • Racoon Recovery, a healthcare startup that makes physical rehabilitation engaging and fun.
  • Infra, a German company, offering services for enterprise mobile and IT networks in 9 countries.
  • And more!

If you need help with UX design, let’s get in touch via our contact form.

How long does it take to design a product with Limeup?

The project duration depends on the complexity of your product and the UX team composition.

A simple UX design without extensive research for a small website of up to ten pages might take up to one month.

On the other hand, it can take 3–6 months to create a user-centered design for big websites and complex mobile or web applications.

Contact us for a quote and detailed estimation of your UX design project length.

Can you help with development?

At Limeup, we can help you at every stage of the product development process, including UX UI design and development services.

Our extensive team of skilled developers, engineers, and technical experts work with the following technologies but are not limited to:

Backend: Java, Node.js, Golang, Python.
Frontend: React.js, Vue.js.
Mobile: Swift, Kotlin, React Native.

How does Limeup work with clients from different time zones?

As a global UX UI design services company, we have developed a proven-to-work collaboration process to effectively partner with companies worldwide.
It includes scheduling weekly calls at a suitable time and utilizing various tools for smooth collaboration, such as Zeplin, Jira, Figma, Slack, Zoom, Teams, and Miro just to name a few.

This way, we effectively handle partnerships from North America and Asia, although we are located in Europe.

Create your product with us

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