Limeup is a UI UX design services provider working with startups and enterprises worldwide.

Our UX design services

UX design

We assign the most suitable UX experts with a deep understanding of user behavior, integrating interfaces and sprints to create seamless user experiences to meet your business goals and customers' needs. Whether you work on a web or mobile app, our service can help you bring your ideas to life.

  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • User-centered design
  • The UI kit and design system creation
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User experience research

We help you analyze the current state of your product and validate your product ideas. Our experts conduct competitive analysis and use UX research methods like user interviews to identify target audience issues and pain points.

  • Usability testing
  • User interviews
  • Field research
User experience research services

UX audit

A usability audit is a 2-4 week evaluation of your digital product user interface to discover and document usability issues that make your potential customers leave. If tackled successfully, it will help you improve your product’s UX and business performance.

  • User flows review
  • Usability issues discovery
  • Conversion rate optimization
UX audit services

Custom UX solution

Could not find the UX design service you were looking for? Need some help? Let us know your current challenges and business goals via our contact form, and we will develop a custom UX solution for you.

  • Complex UX design solutions
  • UX design for SaaS, B2B, and B2C
  • On-demand dedicated UX design and research experts
Custom UX solution

Our UX design process

1. Discovery

Business audit. Our team then spends time with you to discuss each feature, its potential function, and how they will interact. User research. We put ourselves in your user’s shoes to ensure we deliver a product that solves real problems and makes your customer’s life easier. Market research. We conduct comprehensive market and competitor research to give your product a competitive edge.

Product discovery

2. Strategy

Roadmap. A roadmap outlines the steps of the design and development process and tracks the project’s progress. Workshops. We conduct workshops to get your ideas and risks down on paper, minimize risks, and get expert feedback. Conceptualization. Based on thorough research, we create the concept for a final product that responds to your requests and matches the clients’ needs.


3. Design

Wireframing. Our designers build the structure and flow of possible design solutions to demonstrate the desirable results. UI design. We provide eye-catching user interface UX services that convey the look and feel of a product. Prototyping. Interactive experience enables us to validate ideas and proceed to the development phase with the best possible solution.


4. Validation

Testing. We will test the product’s functionality on real users to ensure we help them to accomplish their goals. Analytics. We analyze a website or app’s user behavior and performance to identify improvement opportunities.

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Designed and developed a web and mobile tokenization platform for a real estate company
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Mobile tokinization platform design
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Developed a software solution for a healthcare startup that received a €700,000 growth grant
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Healthcare product design for Racoon Recovery

Benefits of working with us

Increase customer loyalty and retention with robust user experience design
Boost your business with increased conversion rates and generate more revenue
Spot potential pitfalls and minimize development costs before the launch
Take your product’s accessibility and usability to the next level


How do I get started with UX design services?

As a UX design services company, we recommend taking the following steps to kick off your UX design project.

First, come up with the requirements and goals. Understanding what you’d like to achieve due to the UI UX design services is essential. Clearly defined plans will help you and your design partner stay on the same page and meet your users’ needs.

As a next step, determine how you will implement the design work. You can do the design work in-house or find an experienced UX services provider, like Limeup.

At Limeup, we organize a quick call on your preferred day and time to learn about your current UX design challenges and business goals. We discuss our user experience design services, share our UX design and development processes, answer your questions, and define whether we fit you.

If we have suitable UX designers and the required expertise, we prepare a proposal with a scope of work, timeline, and budget.

Once all terms and conditions are clarified, we will sign the collaboration contract and jump on your assignment.

What is UX design?

To truly grasp what this service represents, we must first agree on a definition of user experience.

User experience, or UX, is at the very heart of every digital product. It implies how people interact with the product and how convenient or complicated it is for them to do so. UX generally determines whether users will enjoy and continue using your product.

So, what is UX design? Simply put, UX design is creating digital or physical products that are practical and pleasant to use. This involves studying and understanding users, research, extensive knowledge of interface design, and testing.
UX design aims at delivering value and meeting key goals during every interaction between the product and its users.

What do user experience designers do?

A User experience designer defines how real people will use a product or service and ensure that it’s easy to learn, comfortable to use, and enjoyable to interact with in the real world.

For example, users might find it frustrating if they can’t complete the tasks they want to accomplish. They may become disenchanted with the product and stop using it.

The UX designer’s job is understanding, interpreting, and responding to user needs. They then put this knowledge into action by designing tools, websites, apps, and services that are simpler, more intuitive, and more enjoyable.

Who are Limeup UI UX experts?

At Limeup, we have gathered a design team of outstanding designers with vast industry experience. Whether you need to create an app or a complex website, we have the talent and expertise to help you find the perfect candidates for your task. We can help you expand your team with the following:

  • Product designers
  • UI/UX designers
  • UX designers
  • UI designers
  • Web designers
  • Illustrators

Our agency is growing rapidly and never settles for the ordinary. We have focused on building a group of skilled workers, and our designers work in various projects with an entrepreneurial mindset to deliver out-of-the-box solutions and help you achieve your goals.

At our core, we believe in collaboration and innovation. We challenge ourselves to think beyond the ordinary and push the boundaries of design and engineering. This drives us to build products that change the game.

What happens after you reach out to us?

So, you have contacted us to initiate the design, hire UX designers or receive a free consultation on UI UX design and development services. What happens next?

  1. We will get back to you shortly and arrange a kick-off meeting to discuss your needs, after which we will create a scope of work document for you to review and approve.
  2. We will sign a nondisclosure agreement before setting up a contract to keep your idea confidential.
  3. You will get a dedicated session with our UX design experts to get advice on implementing your vision. They will help you determine the best approach and deliver an estimate containing detailed information on the design team members involved and the hours they will spend working on your assignment.
  4. Finally, the contract will be signed. The agreement clearly defines all specifications, estimates, and plans. It also grants you exclusive rights to the product.
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