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Product strategy & UX road mapping

We help healthcare companies define clear and specific UX and product development goals, including understanding target audiences, setting user expectations around features, refining the design throughout multiple rounds of research and iteration, and finally validating assumptions with real-world users.

Web & mobile applications

We tailor healthcare web and mobile apps to the specific context of use and ensure that they are customized for the needs of your target audience. A user-oriented design and accessible functionality will help you improve operations and patient satisfaction, making your medical business more efficient.

Healthcare product design

Developing healthcare products that are informational yet user-friendly is not an easy task. Information needs to be easily accessible. We have the expertise and experience to design your healthcare app or platform to be highly functional and easy to use.

Free healthcare consultations

1. Submit a request

To schedule a consultation, leave a request and describe your needs. Our team will contact you to arrange an appointment at the nearest time.

2. Discuss your product

We prioritize the understanding of your product and needs. Our healthcare analyst will then work closely with you to better understand your needs and goals, shortening the time it takes for us to make recommendations.

4. Get solutions for your product development

Our product growth consultancy focuses on your company’s goals and vision. We will build a solution that meets your requirements or help you launch or market your company’s product line with professionals who understand the ins and outs of healthcare industry practices.

3. Workshop with experts

We will provide you with the design expertise of our healthcare design agency to help you take the next step with your healthcare product development. One of our experts will meet with you and help you decide which services and solutions will be beneficial to you based on your current situation. No cost or obligation.

How we differ

Think different

We take a different approach to healthcare design. As a healthcare design agency, we understand your needs, the industry requirements, and best practices and use that knowledge to create healthcare environments that help you provide exceptional care.

Demonstrated expertise

We bring our attested design expertise to you so that you can focus on what matters most—delivering exceptional healthcare services and enabling great experiences for consumers. The experience of our design agency for healthcare gives clients confidence that their product development is in good hands.

Precise project planning

We understand that completing projects within your budget and on time is of the utmost importance. You work hard to get things done, and we are here to help you achieve the successful completion of your project every step of the way.

Testimonials from our clients

Our customers say 5.0  out of 5 based on

Limeup is a great company to work with, especially if you're looking for a flexible team that can handle almost any digital job. They are very dedicated and knowledgeable about the healthcare industry, and the work they deliver is always top quality.

Dougal Heckie
Product Owner
at i88 ©

We approached the Limeup team to design and develop some of our most important projects. From the very beginning, they were able to grasp our company's vision and take the initiative in all areas of the design and development process. Their designers are easy to work with and deliver beyond our expectations.

Alex Radovichenko
CPO, Raccoon Technologies INC

Limeup is not just a design company. They are creative solution specialists. They are always on time and on budget and offer innovative solutions to complex problems. I would recommend Limeup to anyone looking for a great experience and quality design work.

Tobias Belcher
Design Director at LetterA ©


How can a healthcare design agency help my business?

Our mission at Limeup healthcare design agency is to deliver healthcare design that transforms patients’ lives, staff efficiency, and business performance. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from the following services:

  • Website design and development
  • Web and mobile applications design and development
  • Business analysis
  • Market and user research
  • User experience audit
  • User experience consultations
  • Hospital administrator and clinician analytics dashboards
  • Clinical decision support systems
  • Pharmacology evaluation tools
  • Hospital and resource simulations
  • Patient and provider portal application
  • Nutrition marketplace
  • Personal health records
  • Health evaluation and recommendation tools

Do your capabilities cover the entire product development cycle?

Yes. Our services include every stage of the product development lifecycle. From research to UX/UI, our healthcare design agency delivers solutions that solve real needs, increase user engagement and drive profit.

Can you consult me on my healthcare product?

Yes, absolutely. Limeup is a healthcare design agency that offers a wide range of medical design solutions and services. Our healthcare consulting services are all about achieving the goal—to generate an efficient, optimized and effective healthcare system that adapts to the needs of every patient. We consider these and other basic factors essential throughout each stage of care. Contact us for a free consultation and let us know what you need.

Do you offer healthcare website design services?

Yes, we do. Our healthcare website design agency tailors the services to each client, ensuring we meet their needs through every phase of the project. This can be from strategic advice and planning to create a new website that truly stands out online. Our team has all the specialists required for this type of work, including product designers, web designers, visual identity specialists, as well as full-stack developers, and quality assurance engineers who work alongside project managers. As a healthcare web design agency, we also have excellent experience in this sector, which really enables us to understand what is needed to make sure our clients are successful.

How much time does it take to assemble a design and development team for a healthcare project?

Limeup healthcare web design agency has a team of multidisciplinary professionals who are committed to delivering the best healthcare solutions to our clients by providing high-grade design services. We have a team of multidisciplinary professionals who have gained massive experience working at our design agency for healthcare. These professionals can assemble a vetted team in less than two weeks to ensure that your project reaches completion on time and within budget.

What does a healthcare designer do?

The healthcare sector needs designers who can apply their talent to problems in the medical field. Modern digital experiences are built to help healthcare organizations connect with patients and improve patient outcomes. To create these experiences, designers working at a healthcare website design agency need to have technical skills in primary design areas like:

  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative research
  • Information architecture
  • Page layout and navigation
  • Wireframing
  • Visual communication
  • User testing
  • Visual design
  • Interactive design
  • Prototyping
  • Collaboration with cross-functional teams.

Designers at a healthcare website design agency need to merge their user experience knowledge and best practices with knowledge of the sector. In addition, they should be able to conduct user research to gain insight into what issues/pain-points users face when they engage visually with a healthcare app, website, platform, or system. They should also conduct design experiments and A/B testing while staying on top of industry trends to develop user/patient-centered design solutions that are consistent, reliable, and accessible across mobile devices and desktop platforms.

How is UX/UI design used in the healthcare industry?

Healthcare is a design-sensitive sector where every detail matters. From well-designed medical equipment to user-friendly websites that provide information about services, any healthcare UX design agency aims to improve patients’ overall experience.

While UX/UI design in the healthcare industry may differ in some ways from other industries, at its core, it still follows the same UX design principles that have been applied in other industries for years. When applied correctly and strategically with the help of a healthcare web design agency, a strong foundation in UX design methods can help hospitals effectively and efficiently serve their patients, families, and employees.

For healthcare companies of all types, the application of user experience design often requires an in-depth understanding of not only the industry in general but also the specific needs of each customer or user. This often means designing for people with a wide range of technical knowledge, experience levels, or other constraints. In other words, it takes more than just great design skills to be a successful healthcare web design agency—it takes empathy.

Digital design is a powerful tool that can be used in a variety of ways. In the medical field, for instance, a healthcare website design agency can help improve the ease with which patients access their health records and ensure that their medical history is properly documented and easily accessible by doctors.​​

Having a positive user experience is too important to leave up to chance. That’s why you need to partner with the best healthcare designers. At our healthcare website design agency, we have extensive experience in this field and can help you create effective and successful healthcare websites, apps, software, or any other interactive medium.

Why is user experience design important in the healthcare industry?

In today’s digital world, a good user experience is vital for healthcare organizations to provide reliable, efficient services. Modern healthcare products need to be useful, usable, and accessible so that the patients and healthcare providers can enjoy an optimal experience. When building a product, a healthcare UX design agency should, first of all, consider the needs of its target audiences which are the following:

  • Patients

  • Healthcare technology applications or websites are supposed to make life easier for people, not more stressful. When designing user experience, we make sure that the user is always kept in mind, even if it means sacrificing time or resources. It is also important to be empathetic towards the user as well. The users may be alert, tired, or stressed. When designing wearable technology for them, we need to take this into account. Allowing the user to interact with their devices while they are active and doing other physical activities will ensure safety.

  • Doctors

  • The design should be as simple as possible and stick to the principles of familiarity in order to make it easier for doctors, nurses, or other healthcare professionals to use the platform. The layout should provide all of the key information about a patient at a glance, and the levels of information available should match their needs.

  • Healthcare companies

  • Healthcare businesses, such as hospitals and insurance providers, cover a huge sector of the market. This is why it is important to consider the needs and requirements of all these stakeholders, including the profits that they make with the help of a particular digital solution or platform. A healthcare design agency also needs to provide updates and technical assistance to ensure smooth processing.

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