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Review some of our best product designers for hire below who can help you with any
product-related challenges. You can hire product designers for short and long-term projects.
Hire a senior product designer
Tom Schirmer
Senior product designer

Hire a middle product designer
David Mirkovic
Middle product designer

Hire a senior product designers
Stephanie Fisher
Senior product designer

Hire a middle UX designer
Lucas Hooper
Middle UX designer

Hire a senior product designer 1
Daria Khomych
Senior product designer

Hire a middle UX designer 1
Daniel Egerton
Middle UX designer

Hire a senior product designers 1
Dilara Ross
Senior UX designer

Hire a middle Web designer
Kianna Westervelt
Middle web designer


How to hire product designers

1. Share your needs

Describe your current challenges and business goals through our contact form. At Limeup, we will assess your needs and check if we have suitable product designers for hire.

Share your needs with product designers

2. Pick a date and time for a call

We will organize a quick call to learn more about your needs, share how we work, and what our product designers for hire can do for you.

Pick a date and time for a call

3. Review candidates

During the call, we share the profiles and portfolios of our most suitable candidates for your review. Before hiring product designers, you can talk to them to discuss your project and the next steps.

Сhoice of product designers

4. Hire the best product designers

When all terms and conditions are clarified, we sign the collaboration contract and an NDA (if required). Our product designers for hire work with your team to achieve your business goals.

Hire the best product designers

We work with these tools

Brainstorming and ideation









User flows and wireframes









High-fidelity prototyping











From prototype to product







See what we worked on

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Real Estate
usa-flug USA

Developed a centralized data storage solution for a property management company

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Property management platform development for HousePro
View Case arrow-grey
netherlands flag Netherlands

Researched and designed a banking web application

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Why hire our product designers

7+ years of experience designing digital products for healthcare, real estate, fintech, crypto, edtech, and igaming companies.
93% of our product designers are at mid- and senior levels.
We help with product development to ensure your digital product is flawless.
We are flexible working with clients from different time zones.
We design impactful digital products based on UX research findings.


What does a product designer do?

Imagine you have a new product idea in mind but need someone to help you bring your ideas to life. That’s where product designers can help you out!

Freelance product designers or full-time product designers for hire can help you with the following:

  • Design a brand new product or redesign an existing solution
  • Validate your product idea
  • Conduct user experience research to discover your target audience’s needs and pain points
  • Create a clickable prototype of your product
  • Design an MVP that you can use to pitch to investors
  • Create a pixel-perfect design for a web or mobile application, software product or a website
  • Help your developers to implement the product design flawlessly

Contact us if you are looking for experienced product designers for hire. We have a team of experts ready to help you with product design and development.

When should you hire a product designer?

Hiring product designers can help you achieve various business goals depending on your company’s growth stage.

If you have a product idea you’d like to pitch to investors, you’ll need an expert to bring your idea to life. In this case, a product designer for hire will help you design and (even) develop a functional MVP (minimum viable product).

At Limeup, we have vast expertise in creating impactful MVP designs for our partners. For instance, we designed and developed an MVP for Racoon Recovery, a healthcare startup in the USA that received $700,000 after pitching the product to investors.

If you run a startup, a designer should be part of your product team. There is usually so much work to be done at a company’s early stage of growth. Therefore, a professional product designer can help you define your brand colors, create a UI kit for your product, design a clickable prototype and test it with your target audience, validate your product’s functionality, and design a product people will love to use.

We’ve covered two scenarios where you need help creating a digital product from scratch.

If you have an existing digital product, the role of a product designer will be slightly different.

Hiring a product designer is justified if you want to:

  • Entirely redesign an existing product
  • Improve existing product design based on users’ feedback
  • Improve some of the product’s user flows, such as a registration flow or an onboarding flow
  • Improve user interface design to make it look more professional
  • Optimize the conversion rates through a design update

Contact us if you want to hire a digital product designer! We will discuss your project requirements, agree on design deliverables, expand your team with dedicated design experts, and develop a solution that best suits your business.

What are the best sites to hire product designers?

As a product design company, we often get questions from our potential clients, like “What is a product designer?” and “Where to find the most suitable product designer for hire?”

Indeed, so many sites and companies offer product design help. However, are they reliable? How can you be sure they will do an excellent job for you?

At Limeup, we can recommend a few sites to hire product designers.

Linkedin is the most popular social network for professionals. You can find many design experts based on your project type, such as UX/UI designers, researchers, web and product designers for hire. You can set filters according to your preferences, find suitable candidates and reach out to them. Keep in mind that not every candidate is looking for a new job on Linkedin at this very moment. Therefore, finding a freelance product designer may take some time.

Upwork or Fiverr
These are global online marketplaces for hiring freelancers.

Both Upwork and Fiverr connect freelancers with individual entrepreneurs and companies looking to hire.

If you consider hiring product designers, review available candidates on these platforms. We recommend paying attention to the rating, former projects, and industries. It’s also a good practice to hop on a quick call and discuss your needs with selected candidates.

These platforms work well for short-term projects. Hiring freelance product designers through these platforms is also relatively safe since your money won’t be transferred until you are fully satisfied with the result.

Hire product designers at Limeup 
As a product design agency, we often help startups and companies worldwide with product design services.

You can extend your team with our product designers for short and long-term projects. If you don’t have an in-house product team, we can dedicate the most suitable product designers to work on your projects for as long as you need.

Our product designers for hire can help you with the following:

  • Web and mobile app design
    MVP design
  • Conversion rate review and optimization
  • Product design for SaaS
  • User experience design and research

Contact us and share your needs. We will review your message and define if we have the right experts to help you with your project.

How much does it cost to hire product designers?

Product designers are in-demand professionals these days whose work is costly. It’s not a surprise. Businesses go digital at a rapid pace nowadays.

According to Statista, global investment in digital transformation is expected to double by 2025. That’s why we might see an increase in demand and prices for hiring product designers.

We’ve put together some price ranges to help you estimate the costs of hiring a product designer.

According to Clutch, product design companies charge from $25 to $300 per hour of work, depending on the company’s location and level of expertise. You will know the exact quotes after contacting a preferred vendor.

Upwork freelance product designers’ hourly rates, however, start from $10.

Depending on your project type, you might pay for an agreed amount of hours or a fixed project fee.

We recommend choosing a fixed fee if your project is complex and you need to make some changes. This way, you can calculate and foresee your budget in advance.

Contact us to get a quote on your project.

What to look for when hiring product designers?

As an expert product design company, we recommend considering the following criteria while choosing a product designer for hire:

  1. A portfolio to review the former design works
  2. Former client names, their industries, and the details about the completed projects
  3. The impact of design work, if there is any
  4. Former clients’ testimonials
  5. Experience working in your industry if there is any
  6. The collaboration process and the level of your involvement as a client
  7. Means of communication with a product designer to ensure you can reach them at any time

These are a few essential criteria to review before hiring product designers.

Keep in mind that the online reputation can be manipulated. Therefore, we recommend checking reputable online platforms for trustworthy reviews, such as Clutch or TrustPilot.

Contact us if you want to hire reliable product designers. We’ve worked with clients like you for over 7 years, helping them design and develop impactful digital products. Should you need help with product design, get in touch with us. We are ready to discuss your current challenges and define the next steps.

Create your product with us

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