We selected Limeup out of a pool of other companies, and we got the best ROI. They are highly responsive, and they have top-notch designers. I am very impressed with their ability to design products and develop them.

Tiana Harvey
Business Development Manager
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The team was reliable, accountable, and expert. Whatever their product designers said they'd do, they did it.

Andrii Khodos
Chief Executive Officer
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I believe that Limeup would be a great partner for any company on the rise. They are genuinely creative, design-oriented people. And they know how to build a product.

Georges Moreno
Chief Design Officer
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Hire product designers in 4 easy steps

1. Describe your needs

We start by digging deep into your project to define the requirements. After identifying the project scope, workflow, skills required, job descriptions, and more, we help you hire a product designer that perfectly fits the project.

2. Review candidates

Our HR team hand-picks candidates and screens them to learn their background, tech and soft skills, and English proficiency. Then we will provide you with a shortlist of top product designers.

3. Finalize your choice

After selecting our talent pool, we interview the candidates on-site and bring only those most compatible with your team. You'll get access to top product designers who have worked on leading products across industries.

4. Design your product

We integrate our specialists into your team and manage their contracts. To help product designers be more efficient while focusing on their products, we also handle administrational matters.

Product design tools and technologies we use

Brainstorming and Ideation

hire product designer 1


hire product designer 2


hire product designer 3


hire product designer 4


hire product designer 5


User flows and wireframes

hire product designer 6


hire product designer 7


hire product designer 8


hire product designer 9


hire product designer 10


High-fidelity prototyping

hire product designer 11


hire product designer 12


hire product designer 13


hire product designer 14


hire product designer 15


hire product designer 16


From prototype to product

hire product designer 17


hire product designer 18


hire product designer 19


How we differ

9/10 client satisfaction score

Satisfied clients are the fuel that powers our services. After they hire product designers from Limeup, we make sure good relationships are built with every product we create.

93% of senior & middle designers

Our ready-made design teams include professional product designers who can take your business challenges and turn them into a consolidated product.

Risks management

Safety being our top priority, we’ve created an effective risk-management system to consider the full range of risks we may face and ensure a smooth, stress-free process.

Hand-picked product designers

Our hand-picked product designers for hire stand ready to help you bring your companies to the next level.


At Limeup, we take pride in our people, values, and processes. Freedom of personality and passion for our craft is what we praise inside our agency as we grow our top product designers.

Long-standing experience

Our team’s vast experience is our main asset. We have gathered highly motivated product designers with a long history in the digital design industry.

Other designers

UI/UX Designers

Limeup can match you with senior UI/UX consultant in 24 hours or less. Together, we will transform your vision into expertly crafted digital products.

UI Designers

Great products are built by outstanding teams. Hire UI designers with vast experience designing interfaces that will impress customers and help tyou build a better business.

UX Designers

Our network of first-class UX designers is here to help you create better products. Find UX designers for hire, contribute to your product, and connect with the UX community.

Web Designers

Hire web designers to bring your wildest ideas into reality. Let our team analyze your requirements and find the right solutions for you.


A great illustration can tell the story of your project and create an emotional bond with users. At Limeup, we have a large selection of talented illustrators for hire to help bring your project to life.


Who is a product designer?

Before you decide to hire product designer, let us guide you through this role. A product designer creates the user experience for a particular product. From coming up with the initial concept and functional specifications to refining a mature product you’ve already made successful, it’s their role to ensure users can complete their goals with ease.

Whether it be a startup working on mobile apps, an enterprise company developing b2b software, or an e-commerce platform, businesses hire product designers with experience in validating assumptions and improving user workflows to help make products more intuitive and drive more conversions.

Companies hire product designers to transform their vision into reality, but not without a strong team. Designers take direction from product management on the business goals and objectives but ultimately determine how these will be achieved. Designers define what needs to be implemented, translate those needs into user experiences and then create visual design components that need to be built by developers. Although typically associated with the visual aspects, designers can also play a role in system design and information architecture.

What are the key responsibilities of a product designer?

A clear understanding of the designer’s responsibilities will help you hire product designer that will perfectly match your needs. A product designer is in charge of designing intuitive and accessible products to use and interact with. They are concerned with the aesthetic appearance of the physical form of a design but also how information is presented through user interfaces.

Product designers are problem solvers at their core – they make decisions that shape what their products will look like and how they will function. Companies can always benefit when they hire product designers, but their role is especially valuable during important product design and development stages. They can clarify goals and requirements during the initial phase, verify the current user experience, and identify friction points. They can also play an essential role as products undergo changes to add new features by ensuring the intuitive user experience is not compromised by these additions.

You want to hire product designers to receive the services enlisted below:

  • Conducting market and user research
  • Conceptual work on product ideation
  • Creating product roadmaps
  • Wireframing
  • Producing prototypes (low-fidelity & high-fidelity)
  • UI design
  • Communicating with other teams and stakeholders
  • Improving the design of an existing product
  • Gathering feedback from product users

How to hire product designer?

When it comes to expanding our product design team and searching for product designers for hire, we make sure we follow these steps:

1. Determine your exact needs

Before you hire product designer, ask yourself the following questions. What are the qualities that make up your ideal candidate? Is it experience with a suite of design tools, or is visual design prowess important? What about an understanding of web technologies? Knowing the specifics behind these requirements will help us better understand the candidates that we’ll present. Make sure you articulate clearly what the new product designers for hire are expected to do and how their work will contribute to the company’s success.

2. Describe the hiring process in details

Product designers for hire need to feel welcome and valued during their interview process, and getting this right will positively affect how they talk about your company later. We hire product designers by clearly outlining the interview process in the job description, including a step-by-step breakdown or timeline that can later be shared with candidates, explaining when and for how long each round of interviews will last. This also builds trust and helps set expectations for both parties.

3. Meet the needs of the candidates

Now that we have worked to create an amazing job description, we’re ready to hire product designer who can help bring your project to the next level. Any worthwhile design candidate will want to know everything about what they will be working on, who they will be working with, and how it fits your company. That said, some requests may go too far. It’s okay to draw a line somewhere. Know where that line is — and make sure all hiring teams are on the same page — so you can keep candidates engaged without complicating the process for yourself or for your colleagues and hire product designer that will be as involved in your company as you are.

4. Never underestimate onboarding

You might think the hiring process ends when the candidate signs the offer letter, but that’s the beginning of a different process. Good product designers for hire can sense when a role has an unbalanced relationship. A successful designer requires certain things that a successful engineering team or product team might not—e.g., time to craft and access to design tools and/or educational opportunities. Be transparent with candidates on what they can expect from you and your team while ensuring there isn’t a misunderstanding around before you hire product designer.

Poor onboarding and support make employees more likely to leave the company. If you want to hire product designers who will enhance your design team, focus on supporting their growth after arriving at the company.

Where to find product designers for hire?

When you need to hire product designer, you have plenty of choices to choose the candidates. You may consider outsourcing the task to a talent or design agency. But if searching on your own, here is a list of platforms where you can find product designers for hire.

1. Freelance websites

Some great places to find product designers for hire are portfolio or freelance websites like Fiverr or Upwork. You can choose a designer from a large talent pool. Although, finding a perfect match typically requires lots of monitoring from your side. There are many designer offers at prices lower than on other platforms. But when you hire product designer, keep in mind that lower pricing may influence the quality.

2. Portfolio sites

You can also find product designers for hire on portfolio websites. Use your Behance of Dribbble to browse the profiles and portfolios. However, the designers aren’t preselected according to your needs. Hence, you can hire product designer after you manually check out their previous design work, experience, and references.

3. Social network

You can also look for designers on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. To hire a product designer, you can post a job offer, and candidates will reach out to you. Although, compared to other services mentioned above, it takes more time to interview the candidate, negotiate the details, and finally hire product designer.

4. Design subscription platforms

Product designers for hire can also be brought on through design subscription platforms like InVision.

When to hire a product designer?

If you’ve done all the necessary research to validate your business idea and come up with a clear concept for your digital product, it’s high time to hire product designers. Below is the list of the questions that will help you make the decision if you need to hire product designers or not.

Can you move on with your project without design?

It is best to hire a product designer as early as possible. This will allow you to have more design expertise at your disposal, which in turn can help you bring your product to market more efficiently and successfully. If you can’t afford to hire a product designer, make it a priority to find and hire one as soon as possible. However, if you can get your product to market without a designer, you may be able to wait until later to bring one on board.

Does your product need continuous improvements?

Is your roadmap full of continuous or consecutive design iterations for a full-time designer? Most digital products continue to evolve and grow over time. Learning and iterating your product means that you need to hire product designer, as much of your design work will most likely be ongoing.

Is design a vital part of your business strategy?

Businesses that recognize design as a strategic differentiator are more likely to succeed. Design can give a competitive advantage to an offering that is painful to use. Businesses that focus on building large sales teams and going after large companies may find themselves in a difficult position if they are entering a space where every other product is already easy to use. With exceptional design solutions, your company can have a competitive advantage right out of the gate. If your product is designed in a way that other products in the same category are not, you could quickly gain an early market.

If you are looking for a design partner, don’t hesitate to approach us! Together we will discuss your project requirements, agree on design deliverables and help you hire product designers to expand your team and develop a solution that will best suit your product.

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