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Receive industry-leading mobile app design services that will transform your business and help you achieve new heights. Our design specialists from the United Kingdom leverage their knowledge of modern technologies and user-centric practices to provide a tailored experience for your audiences.
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We are a team of experts providing innovative and impactful app design services.

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Our mobile app design services

App design from the ground up

We specialize in a mobile app design service for all operating systems, validating the initial idea and coming up with the most suitable and effective solution for your business.

  • iOS and Android app design
  • User experience research
  • Wireframing and prototyping
App design from the ground up

SaaS app design

Our mobile design services include crafting engaging applications for SaaS and tailoring the customer experience to your goals and business objectives.

  • MVP design
  • B2B app design
  • B2C app design
SaaS app design

Mobile app redesign

You can rely on our app design service to revamp your existing application, improve customer rates, and optimize the performance according to your specifications.

  • Usability testing
  • App conversion rate optimization
  • Retention rate optimization
Mobile app redesign

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Why work with us


A dedicated team of highly experienced specialists


Expertise in modern technology and insight into market trends


Industry-specific design for a wide range of sectors


Leading provider of custom app design services


Proven track record of success stories


Ongoing support and quality maintenance


What is the average price for an app design service?

Estimating the price for mobile design services is complicated without establishing the necessary requirements and agreeing on the timelines. As a basis, we can only provide a rough range of prices for certain types of projects. For more information, you should contact a design provider and discuss your project in more detail to receive a tailored quote.

Typically, the most critical part of assessing the price is the scope and complexity of the work. Intricate app design with a lot of screens and custom features will require more resources, therefore costing more. While more basic designs with pre-made templates or redesigns of an existing platform are going to be less pricey.

How long does a mobile app design service take?

Similar to the price formation, the longevity of the mobile app design project from initial consultation to delivery will heavily depend on the amount of work that needs to be done. In addition, the number of specialists on the team, as well as their level of expertise, will play a role.

Discussing the timeline and establishing realistic deadlines for the mobile application design services is the only way to get an accurate estimation. Still, you can expect a less complex project to take anywhere between 2-4 weeks to complete the design and high-complexity solutions to be around 2 to 4 months of work.

Why seek out mobile application design services in the UK?

Parenting with local mobile app designers can carry a lot of benefits for brands of all sizes and sectors. Businesses that seek out UK-based providers have the advantage of conducting face-to-face meetings. Establishing natural and real-time communication can aid in avoiding any delays due to different time zones.

Companies that operate in the same region as your business will have an easier time understanding and catering to a local market by knowing firsthand what appeals to the audiences. Additionally, such collaboration can prove useful when it comes to local regulations and compliances since the service providers are more likely to be well-informed about the rules.

How will your team ensure my requirements are met?

Being able to track the progress of a project is exceptionally important for clients. We completely understand such concern, which is why we make it our priority to establish clear and transparent communication between you and our team.

At Limeup, we use a variety of communication tools and channels to allow our clients to be updated at every step of the design project. When crafting our bespoke mobile app design solutions, we focus on collecting the requirements in complete detail to avoid any misunderstandings. Our management experts will keep close contact with you and guarantee that your corrections and feedback are implemented into the design accordingly.

What happens after I contact you about app design services?

Once you fill out our contact form, we will reach out to you and schedule a meeting with our experts. During the call, we will discuss your idea, consult you on the timelines and a budget, and extend our proposition. As an experienced application design services provider, we will handle any project planning details and ensure our best specialists will be allocated to the assignment.

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What to look for in a mobile application design services provider?

There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle of filtering out candidates and selecting the most suitable mobile design services provider for your business objectives. Let’s dive into some of the most substantial ones.

1. Portfolio and experience.

Inspecting the presented portfolio is the first step to understanding whether a certain design provider is a good fit for your idea. You can take a look at the case studies that are featured on the website to see what kinds of projects their specialists tackled in the past.

By evaluating the details of the case studies, you can find out about the scope of work that was done, its duration, and final results. This can give you an initial idea of how capable the vendor is of delivering certain kinds of services.

Portfolio of previous works

2. Niche and industries.

Most app design service organizations feature a list of industries and niches where they have expertise. After all, experts need to have a solid understanding of the nuances and intricacies of designing for a certain sector, as there can be significant variations in trends and customer demands.

Therefore, it is important to check out the industries listed on the service pages to ensure your chosen candidate has the ability to deliver the right result. In case your niche is not on the list, you can also ask them directly.

3. Testimonials from clients.

Getting a second opinion about a vendor is crucial to putting a complete picture together regarding their quality of services. Now, we have an abundance of online review platforms where former clients can share their experiences and leave their testimonials once the partnership ends.

Hence, skipping this step is not advisable if you want to form an unbiased point of view about a design company. In addition, you should also consider writing a review about the selected provider by the end of your collaboration.

Testimonials from clients

4. Application design services.

When it comes to design offerings, it is a good idea to check out what kinds of services the company claims to provide on its website just to avoid any misunderstandings. Depending on your project idea, you might need specific services to complete the design. In some instances, additional development support may be necessary.

In general, organizations in this category offer a variety of services, such as custom app design, mobile application redesign, branding, UI/UX design, and others. So, examine the vendor’s assistance carefully in order to choose the one that can deliver all aspects of your idea.

5. Communication and collaboration style.

Last but not least important is the approach to communication and collaboration on the side of the company. Being able to guide the client and inform them every step of the way is essential to quality and resultative partnership.

Assessing the company’s values and cultural ethics is one of the ways to get to know this aspect better. Still, this step will be more clear during the consultation. You have to ensure the team values transparent communication to guarantee your design vision will be brought to life as you intended.

Communication and collaboration style
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