Project Plan


Build a trading app design from scratch


Design Director, Business Analyst, UX
Researcher, 2 UX/UI Designer, Stakeholder


22 weeks


100+ final screens for web, 70+ screens for Mobile App, 50+ screens for CRM


The product is a secure online trading platform. It allows investors and traders to buy, sell, transfer, and store cryptocurrency and monitor accounts through financial intermediaries.

The client approached us with the need to build the trading app design from the ground up. Our goal was to deliver a sophisticated platform by creating familiar user experience elements and a forward-looking interface. The market expects the product to provide a modern interface that sets a new standard for crypto trading platforms. We answered this need by creating a clean, easy-to-use trading app design with familiar elements for investors and traders in the crypto community.


When it comes to the UX design of a trading platform, there is nothing more important than its user-friendly interface and seamless navigation. We gathered a team of design experts to build the trading app design afresh that now offers extensive features to active investors and traders.

Adaptive Tablet
Adaptive Mobile
Mobile App
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Discovery Phase

An immense product requires an in-depth discovery. At the outset, our business analyst investigated the domain and defined a list of features and approaches that would cover the majority of our client’s needs.

The biggest challenge we faced was that trading platforms were similar in their core features. Our goal was to create a trading website design that would look familiar to users at first glance yet stand out in the market.

For that reason, we had to dig deeper into the list of features and reimagine a part of them. We wanted to find a way to simplify the interface without losing the structure that traders are accustomed to.

trading website design 4

Information Architecture

A properly designed information architecture results in seamless navigation. To create a new trading website design from scratch, we started with an information architecture that would make the site easy for users to navigate and make it simple for them to find what they wanted.

trading website design 5

Information Architecture

trading website design 7

Design system & prototype

The design system we built enables us to improve productivity and organize the product to complete the platform development more quickly. We could test and enhance the trading website design by creating a prototype first before bringing the product to life.

trading website design 8 trading website design 9

Extra protection of
personal data

Designing the security of a product must head the to-do list when building a trading website design. We paid substantial attention to how the system stores users’ data to assure high security.

trading website design 10

Designed to stand out

Our client brings cryptocurrency trading to a whole new level. Our approach to the design is identical. We built a meaningful and relevant users experience to match the expectations of the most demanding traders. It is also intuitive enough for newcomers to understand the trading website design right away and receive the maximum desired outcome requiring minimum effort.

trading website design 11

Essential features

We implemented numerous features that ensure a smooth experience. Users can filter the tools and the currencies they are most interested in, then add them to favorites for quick access. Easy navigation allows getting comfortable with the platform right away.

trading website design 12

Custom CRM challenge

Building the content management system was another fascinating yet complicated task. Creating an accessible UX for managing the lifecycle of the traders meant coming up with the solution from scratch.

trading website design 13

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