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iGaming software development

iGaming product solutions

Online casino

Accelerate your brand’s lift-off with our design and development expertise for online casino solutions. We create seamless and easy integration of a variety of online games: slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette.

Betting solutions

Limeup has been working in close collaboration with top-tier names in the sports betting industry. We have deep insight and experience in delivering engaging user experiences to companies that aim to delight their customers worldwide.

Trading platform

We provide iGaming platform development that is geared to suit your business's needs. Let your clients buy and sell assets in the marketplace and trade stocks by creating a robust trading platform that follows the latest trends.

Lottery & Bingo

We provide multi-channel iGaming software development for lottery and bingo games to help launch modern and engaging digital products. Our team builds online lottery and bingo products from scratch or elevates existing services.

Game development

Our agency offers end-to-end game development services to help you build the games you want. With us, you can get a full spectrum of iGaming software development, from concept to design and launch.

Slot games

We build our slot games with the latest technology in mind, giving players the most realistic and entertaining experience possible. Our designers create games with great mechanics and a deep storyline, which draws players back every time.

Free iGaming consultations

1. Submit a request

Contact us for a free consultation about how we can increase your sales. Leave a request and tell us about your needs and how we can help you.

2. Discuss your product

We start by learning everything we can about your product and its goals. Our analyst will collaborate closely with you to pinpoint what you’re looking for in the shortest time.

4. Get solutions for your product development

We provide a professional assessment of your product and a range of alternatives for the growth direction that is best for your business. We then create a customized solution that supports your goals and boosts the development of your company.

3. Workshop with experts

After the first iteration, we meet to work together to help you develop your product, improve its design and features, and help you identify ways to improve your business.

How we differ

Deep domain expertise

We use unique insights in the industry to ensure that our iGaming web development services result in human-oriented, seamless gaming experiences. With our expertise in various domains, we can dig deeper into understanding your customers, their goals, and how customers can use your product most efficiently.

Global reach

We help brands seize opportunities across locations, as our teams work productively from anywhere with 16+ hour timezone coverage. Our clients can rest easy knowing there is always someone available to address opportunities, wherever they arise.

Roadmapping your success

We are flexible, easy to work with, and quick to adapt. Based on our time-tested experience, we follow a proven process to make sure we're aligned with our client's goals from the start.

Testimonials from our clients

Our customers say 5.0  out of 5 based on

Limeup did a great job designing a new interface for our trading platform. They have quickly understood the needs and have produced high-quality work. The design now has a modern look and follows trends but still maintains the company's identity. The team was patient throughout the entire process, which I believe is vital for a successful project.

Sophia Shevchenko
Product Owner
at Bingo.Bet ©

I’ve got to say that Limeup is a great development partner for us. Working with them is always a smooth experience. We complement each other on many levels. Limeup’s knowledge of web technologies and design standards has helped us solve various problems during our iGaming website development process – not only for the development itself but also for providing ideas about the project’s architecture and planning.

Tatyana Marishchina
Business Development Manager
at LetterA ©

Limeup is a great partner to work with. They were one of the first companies that got on board with us and our betting system. Limeup was very proactive in communication and was able to understand our needs and implement them. Their code is well structured and easy to work with.

Dougal Heckie
Product Owner
at i88 ©


How can you help my iGaming business?

We provide full-cycle iGaming software development services and solutions to help businesses launch or enhance top-notch products. Our core competencies include:

  • iGaming software development
  • iGaming platform development
  • iGaming web development
  • iGaming app development
  • Online casino solutions
  • Game development
  • Trading platforms
  • Sports betting platforms
  • Social gaming solutions
  • Fantasy sports solutions
  • Sports prediction platforms
  • 3D gaming solutions
  • eSports platforms
  • Sportsbook solutions
  • Gaming management

Do your capabilities cover the entire product development cycle?

Our iGaming software development services include requirement analysis, UI/UX design, software development, integration of game content and payment systems, account management, server space, hosting, and ongoing support.

The platform development comprises:

  • CMS
  • CRM
  • Essential SEO optimization tools
  • Affiliate management system
  • A bonus management module
  • 24/7 technical B2B support
  • Anti-fraud module
  • Reporting tools.

Do you provide iGaming website development services?

Yes, you can count on us to deliver iGaming website development or upgrade an already existing product. We possess the expertise to provide you with top-grade iGaming web development and UI/UX design.

Do you provide dedicated teams for iGaming software development?

The iGaming platform development is a long process that can take a minimum of 6 months on average. However, this will depend on several factors, such as the complexity of the development and how well-defined the functionalities are.

Should I pay for a consultation?

No, our consultations are free of charge. To order consultation and an analysis of your needs, please contact our team. Our experienced team members will help you determine which iGaming software development solution is best for your business.

How much time does iGaming platform development take?

The iGaming platform development is a long process that can take a minimum of 6 months on average. However, this will depend on several factors, such as the complexity of the development and how well-defined the functionalities are.

Are your platforms secure?

Limeup protects your sensitive information and transactions with advanced encryption methods and prime security measures. We also safeguard our servers with internal and external firewalls, DDoS protection, and other security systems.

How to choose an iGaming software development provider and succeed?

As an iGaming business, you may be thinking about choosing the best iGaming software development provider for your product. Consider these factors before partnering with an iGaming software development company:

Work on your strategy

To succeed in the iGaming industry, operators need to have a defined business strategy and requirements. They should develop a plan for the iGaming market they want to target and research the software sector to determine trends. They must think about their strengths compared to their competitors and project how quickly they can grow based on their planned business model. They should also examine how they can improve on the weaknesses in their competitor’s brand names and find ways to attract partners who want to add games from their provider onto their platform.

Establish strong partnerships

Selecting a development provider is critical to establishing a successful business. To succeed in such a competitive industry, you want to find partners who can offer users a happy customer journey through the games or platforms. So, what things to look for in your potential provider?

  • The most important consideration is the reputation of the iGaming software development company for excellent business management and efficient delivery of online games.
  • A strong connection with key brands in the iGaming business is essential.
  • Mind the agency’s experience in the domain or ask for a portfolio that includes previous iGaming projects
  • Expect your future partners to be flexible and stable.

Mind additional services

Selecting a software development vendor requires a great deal of consideration, including whether or not the agency offers quality support services. You should ask if they offer an integrated CRM system, training programs for partners, licensing and legal assistance, and reliable data management services that provide real-time information on preferred games, most liked sports, payment options, and other necessary data.

What are the advantages of choosing Limeup as a partner?

Our iGaming software development solutions are cost-effective, secure, and flexible. You will collaborate at a fast pace, receive custom and innovative development solutions, and compete at the highest level with an eye-catching, efficient product.

start your product with us.

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