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Sports betting website development


Product Manager, 2 Product Designers,
UI Designer, Illustrator

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14 weeks


80 dark mode screens + 80 light mode
screens + adaptive versions


Sbet is a sports betting company that allows users to place sports bets during events and tournaments. The client reached out with the need to upgrade its platform's overall look and feel and help tailor the experience for each user.

The main task of the sports betting website development was to provide a new user experience and to implement extra features. Despite a complicated look from first sight, we had to ensure that our design was eye-catching and easy to use.

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Sports betting website development began with rethinking the platform from scratch. We focused on creating a user-friendly interface for the platform. After detailed research, we created a design system to organize the product, built a prototype to test and refine product functionality, and implemented customization, which allows users to choose with leagues and sports they are interested in following. As a result, we delivered an intuitive and good-looking platform that satisfies users' needs.

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sports betting app development
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sports betting app development 1
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sports betting app development 3
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Discovery Phase

A full-cycle platform with intuitive navigation, a smooth betting flow, and easy access to all the necessary information can make or break a bettor's experience.

During the discovery stage, our team of designers has conducted extensive market research to study the best practices of sports betting app development across the globe. These studies helped them dig into the common features of sports betting platforms and ways of differentiating the product from similar products.

The vast array of information helped us get a clear vision for the sports betting website development that led us to build a one-of-a-kind betting platform that is quick, responsive, simple to navigate, and packed with valuable features.

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Information Architecture

The next step in the sports betting app development process is to build a logically structured platform architecture to determine what data goes on each page and how those pages interrelate. Due to the well-developed information architecture, it's easier to modify and test the platform.

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Information Architecture

sports betting website development 5
Oskar Shein

Intuitive navigation

During the research, we found out that a sports betting website often has to display loads of information at once, and it can be challenging to do that without compromising on the importance of each data element. So we designed an intuitive dashboard that allowed users to quickly access all information they needed: favorite sports, bets, and even current scores. The sports betting app development resulted in a seamless web solution that enabled easy navigation and simplified access to data.

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Managing the bets seamlessly

To make it as easy as possible for users to get started and keep them using the platform, sports betting app development was centered around providing an easy-to-use bets management tool and a convenient payment solution. Users can manage their bets, withdraw money, place new bets or just see their balance at any point in time.

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Enhanced customization

Our design team created a richer product that offers players an opportunity to customize the platform according to their interests and preferences. Our sports betting app development resulted in an intuitive and fancy interface that matches the needs of every user.

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