Georges Moreno
Chief Design Officer
at ECash ©
Limeup team worked very closely with our development team in order to figure out how the new design could make our workflow more efficient. They identified potential problems, analyzed the current user behavior, and proposed the best possible solutions.
Anna Nowak
Digitalization Consultant
at Alphabet Capital ©
We are impressed how everyone is talented and understands the area of UX. The team stands out for their quality of work, creativity, and high motivation. Overall, Limeup’s team did very well and provided us with the design we needed to launch the product.
Tatyana Marishchina
Business Development
Manager at LetterA ©
Limeup had great project management, and their quality of work was exceptional. They take the best practices from different places to see how they can apply them to a new domain.

Hire UX designers
in 4 steps

1. Describe your needs

First, we dig into your project to define the requirements. A deep understanding of the project scope, job descriptions, skills required, and preferred workflow will help us hire UX designers to match your needs.

2. Review candidates

On a mission to find the best fit for you, we prioritize vetted senior UX designers for hire with an impressive background, solid tech and soft skills, and excellent English proficiency.

3. Finalize your choice

We search for the right designers to quickly and seamlessly integrate them into your remote workforce. All you need to do is meet the best candidates in person and hire UX designers remotely.

4. Design your product

We'll provide a dedicated team of experienced designers who will integrate into your project quickly and work closely with you throughout the project to ensure product success.

UX design tools and technologies we use

Brainstorming and Ideation

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hire UX designer 5


User flows and wireframes

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High-fidelity prototyping

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From prototype to product

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How we differ

9/10 client satisfaction score

Satisfied clients are the driving force behind our success in product design. We work hard to ensure our clients are happy with the products we have created.

93% of senior & middle designers

Benefit from the entire team of dedicated and professional UX designers for hire ready to take on your business challenges.

Risks management

Safety is of the utmost concern to us. We’ve created an effective risk-management system to consider the full range of risks we may face and identify ways to diminish those risks.

Hand-picked UX designers

We apply best recruiting practices to build a design team in line with your goals to hire UX designers that perfectly match your needs.


We believe a friendly and transparent environment is the key to success. And that’s exactly what we create, cultivating long-term relationships with both our team and clients.

Long-standing experience

We pride ourselves in our highly motivated professionals who have the skills and years of experience in digital design to deliver outstanding results.

Other designers

Product Designers

If you are looking for a perfect mix of business intuition and design expertise, your search is over. Hire product designer to turn your business idea into a well-crafted digital product.

UI/UX Designers

Limeup can match you with senior UI/UX consultant in 24 hours or less. Together, we will transform your vision into expertly crafted digital products.

UI Designers

Great products are built by outstanding teams. Hire UI designers with vast experience designing interfaces that will impress customers and help tyou build a better business.

Web Designers

Hire web designers to bring your wildest ideas into reality. Let our team analyze your requirements and find the right solutions for you.


A great illustration can tell the story of your project and create an emotional bond with users. At Limeup, we have a large selection of talented illustrators for hire to help bring your project to life.


What is UX design?

User experience or UX design is creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. This involves the design of both the physical product and its interactive aspects.

User experience design results from good product planning that incorporates the user from the beginning stages of development. UX design primarily focuses on enhancing a user’s experience with a particular product or service. Businesses hire user experience designers to undertake the entire design process of acquiring and integrating the product, including function, usability, branding, and visual design.

User experience (UX) design is often mixed with user interface (UI) design. Despite the two working closely together, they are different.

What does a UX designer do?

A user experience designer designs and refines the user experience of applications or websites. The UX designer establishes best practices across multiple platforms in designing, implementing, maintaining, and supporting interfaces and related applications. Typically, the UX designer for hire is encouraged to have a background in graphic design, interaction design, or human-computer interaction.

Companies hire UX designers so that they undertake the work in three directions: user research, user interface design, and usability testing. The designers create a solution for a design problem by investigating competitors’ products, analyzing the target audience, and studying their needs and habits through surveys, interviews, or questionnaires. They contribute to the product’s story, user flows, and how notifications or messages are worded, among other things.

The main objective of a UX designer for hire is to solve problems and make the user’s interaction with the product efficient and productive. You need to hire user experience designers to interview stakeholders and ask questions about intended users, often metaphorically, to understand the central values. UX designers for hire focus on service design, layout/wireframing, usability testing, information architecture, and other tasks such as user interviews. Optimizing the user journey ensures that every aspect of the process is smooth and easy to follow. You also need to hire a UX designer to improve user engagement, user retention, and conversion rate through split testing and A/B testing. This can be achieved by improving the intuitiveness of the product’s interface and journey map.

The UX development process starts at the earliest stage of product creation and lasts for many months, if not years. In fact, you will never be able to say that your product is “finished.” As a rule, each new release requires work on its design, such as screen phenomena and graphical elements. UX designer for hire conducts the whole UX process before anyone starts to write the code because they have to have a clear understanding of the user experience first.

What are the types of UX designers?

UX design is a broad term that breaks down into several similar roles. Your project may not need all of them, but it will not hurt to vividly understand the difference between the roles before you hire UX designer.

  • UX researcher

  • A UX researcher collects the data on the product and its potential, competitors, and target audience to inform the design process. The UX researcher’s main tools are user research, testing, analysis, and data.
  • UX strategist

  • The UX strategist defines the goals of the product experience and aligns these business goals with the end user’s experience. UX strategy results in building information architecture, wireframing, and UX writing.
  • UX/UI designer

  • Since UX and UI design are two different parts of a single consumer experience, UX/UI job is at the intersection of product experience and visual design. You may also hire a UX designer, who will be mainly concentrated on building or improving digital experiences, and a UI designer working on the visual part of the product.

How to evaluate UX design?

UX design may be hard to get right because UX is not the responsibility of a designer or a team of designers, but instead is an organization’s vision. Companies need to hire a UX designer to define the customer (persona), the problem, and the best strategy for tackling the problem.

According to Peter Morville’s User Experience Honeycomb, good UX design should be evaluated by the customer-centric terms we identified earlier: whether the product is useful, usable, findable, credible, accessible, desirable, and ultimately valuable. Hire user experience designers who have mastered these main UX design principles.

Another way to evaluate whether the UX design is good is to stick to Nielsen Norman heuristics. As a company, you may be willing to hire UX designer who follows the list of heuristics for interface design. They are as follows:

  • Visibility of system status
  • Match between the system and the real world
  • User control and freedom
  • Consistency and standards
  • Error prevention
  • Recognition rather than recall
  • Flexibility and efficiency of use
  • Aesthetic and minimalist design
  • Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors
  • Help and documentation

High-quality design solutions need to align with these principles. Before you hire UX designer, make sure they have demonstrated their expertise.

What UX designer portfolio should look like?

When you hire a UX designer, their portfolio is all you have to go by. How can you tell if their work will fit your needs, and if they’re a good match for your team?

  • Demonstratable strategic thinking

  • Hire a UX designer who has a story to tell, not just a pretty design. Great designers not only solve problems but can show their strategic thinking. Look for case studies that include big picture thinking and go beyond traditional design constraints.
  • Clear and straightforward writing

  • Designers have to be great communicators, not only with their design work but also in person and in writing. The portfolio of a UX designer for hire has to be available at any time and should make a great first impression that leaves the employer wanting to know more.
  • Relevant case studies

  • When doing through the designers’ portfolio, mind the projects they have worked on. You might be willing to hire UX designer that has previous experience and interests that align with the type of work they will be involved in your product.

What skills do UX designers need?

Hire user experience designers whose skills include both the technical skills needed to create a functional design and the soft skills necessary for creative collaboration (co-creating a product) and dealing with clients. Here is the list of prior skills to look for when you hire a UX designer:

UX research

To create a product that meets users’ needs and solves their problems, a UX designer for hire needs to understand who the users are and what they want. UX research is the practice of understanding user behavior and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies. At this stage of the design process, designers also gather the stakeholders’ requirements, which ensures that they’re building the right thing. It helps design with a “why,” instead of just a “what.”

This skill is so critical that some companies have a specialized role on their design team known as the UX Researcher. Their responsibility is to conduct user research, user interviews, surveys, and other activities that produce insights into potential customers.

Wireframing, prototyping, user flows, mockups

UX designers envision a product before it’s built. This is why startups and corporates hire UX designers to help map out the entire user experience with a product or service. They use tools like wireframes, low or high-fidelity prototypes, mockups, and user flows to create visual representations of the final product.

Visual Design

As a mix between art and science, good User Interface (UI) design combines creativity with usability. Great UI is about understanding the users and knowing the essential elements you need to close the gap between their needs and your product. Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator are the core design software that UX designers for hire need to have mastered to create the visual elements of a product.

Usability testing

Usability testing is used to validate the design approach by observing users as they interact with a product. It is an excellent way to identify bugs, pain points, and missing features early in development before investing significant time or money. Hire UX designer to catch design flaws early and make adjustments; it will help save time, money, and resources in the product life cycle.

Interaction design

Many large companies are on a continuous mission to improve their customer interface, and they require specialists in the field of user experience design. That’s why UX designers for hire skilled in interaction design are in such demand. Interaction design shapes the way we experience the physical and digital world by guiding our behavior (both psychological and physical) toward the desired action.


Effective communication is one of the most important skills you should be looking for when you hire UX designer because it increases the chance of delivering a winning product. UX design teams need to speak a common language that all team members understand. The same goes for collaboration: the needs of your customers, users, and stakeholders must be clearly understood and documented so that any misunderstandings can be avoided.


Great designers understand that their understanding of users is key to successful product development, but it’s not enough to empathize with just the end-user. You want to hire UX designer who can empathize with the engineers and product managers whose jobs are most directly impacted by the insights the designer gathers about users.

Teacher and Facilitator

Great designers understand how important it is for them to teach, share and build relationships with other people who aren’t designers. In light of this, hire UX designer who fosters creativity and respect for their peers as it will often work to bridge the gap between themselves and people who don’t think as they do. In practice, hire user experience designers that are always eager to push boundaries and conduct design workshops with engineers. When a UX designer for hire does this, it shows that they are putting their craft first and foremost and that they’re comfortable enough in the presence of their peers to get the best out of them.

How to hire UX designers?

How do you find designers? And even more importantly, how do you hire UX designer with all the skills you need and will work well with your team?

List the skills you are looking for

The best way to hire UX designer is to define the requirements for your project, identify the traits you’re looking for in a designer, and finally figure out how you want to evaluate a potential UX designer for hire. If there is no time (or budget) for testing, try to get an accurate picture of the designer’s experience by asking for a portfolio or at least a link to their professional website.

Your business will benefit if you hire UX designer with a robust suite of skills enabling them to identify target users and their needs, create stories for the user experience, define user-friendly interactivity and functionality, facilitate the design of an interface that meets those needs, and advise on how to grow in new markets.

Interview the candidates

Once you have defined all of your design and user experience requirements, you are ready to interview to hire a UX designer. When you’re ready to start interviewing candidates, craft your job description in a way that interests only the strongest candidates. The best way to get your new hire off to a great start is to give the candidate the tools that make them feel immediately valuable (e.g., one-on-one time with their team leads). An interview can expose how experienced a candidate works with different UX software. You want to hire user experience designers who take the time to understand what the job really is and can explain their design methodology during an interview. Interviewing designers may take a lot of time, but it is the only way to hire a UX designer that can best serve your needs.

Consider a design agency

If you are looking for a perfect mix of business intuition and design expertise, there is no need to continue your search. Hire UX designers from Limeup who have worked with medium and big startups and will help you turn your business idea into a well-crafted digital product.

start your product with us.

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