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Consider hiring UX designers below who can help you with any product-related challenges.
can hire a UX designer for short and long-term projects.
Oliver Breault UX designer for hire
Oliver Breault
Senior UX design designer

Tamilla Garibova UX designer for hire
Tamila Garibova
Middle UX designer

Stella Herbert UI UX designer for hire
Stella Herbert
Senior UI UX designer

Michaela Kabir UI designer for hire
Michaela Kabir
Senior UI designer

Hire a senior product designer 1
Daria Khomych
Senior product designer

Hire a middle UX designer 1
Daniel Egerton
Middle UX designer

Hire a senior product designers
Stephanie Fisher
Senior product designer

Jamie Salac UI designer for hire
Jamie Salac
Senior UI designer


How to hire a UX designer

1. Share your needs

Share your current product-related challenges through our contact form. At Limeup, we will assess whether we have suitable UX designers for hire.

Share your needs to hire a UX designer

2. Pick a date and time for a call

We will organize a quick call to learn more about your needs, share how we work, and what our UX designers for hire can do for you.

Pick a date and time for a call

3. Review candidates

During the call, we share the profiles and portfolios of our most suitable candidates for your review. Before hiring UX designer, you can discuss your project and the next steps.

Review UX designers for hire

4. Hire the best UX designer

When all terms and conditions are clarified, we sign the collaboration contract and an NDA (if required). Our UX designer for hire works with your team to achieve your business goals.

Hire the best UX designer

We work with these tools

Brainstorming and Ideation









User flows and wireframes









High-fidelity prototyping











UX design











See what we worked on

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netherlands flag Netherlands

Researched and designed a banking web application

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View Case arrow-grey
cubes Web3 & Blockchain
usa-flug USA

Researched and designed a Web3 social media platform

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Why hire our UX designers

We design digital products based on usability testing and user interviews.
7+ years of experience designing digital products for healthcare, real estate, fintech, crypto, edtech, and igaming companies.
93% of our UI UX designers are at mid- and senior levels.
We help with product development to ensure your digital product is flawless. 
We are flexible in working with clients from different time zones.


Who is a UX designer?

Think of the last time you browsed through an unfamiliar website or opened a new mobile app. Were you able to find what you were looking for? Was it easy? How did the whole experience make you feel? 

The job of UX designers for hire is to make your online experience pleasant, easy, and effective. 

A more formal definition would be this one: 

UX designers create intuitive and easy-to-navigate digital product designs based on user interviews and UX research findings. 

User experience designers work with UX researchers to test design solutions with current users, identify usability issues and pain points, iterate user interfaces, and create an impactful product design. 

This way, UX designers eliminate guesswork and ensure the final product design will help you achieve your business goals, whether increase a site conversion rate or decrease churn rate. 

What does a UX designer do?

UX experts can help you cope with various design challenges, including user experience research. 

If your preferred UX designer for hire has experience with usability testing and user interviews, they can manage the whole UX design process on their own. However, only some UX companies provide an all-in-one setup. 

You can hire UX designers and researchers separately for extensive projects, like a massive website redesign or design-from-scratch work.

At Limeup, our user experience designers can help you with the following:

  • Research and define the main usability issues that prevent your target audience from becoming your customers. 
  • Improve the most critical user flows affecting your website’s conversion rate, such as the registration flow or an ecommerce add-to-cart flow.
  • Design websites, mobile and web applications based on research findings. 
  • Prioritize development efforts to save your budget and avoid developing elements people don’t need.
  • And more!

Review our UX design services to learn more about what we can do for you. 

Depending on your needs, our UX experts can support you at every step of your product development process, from an idea to a product launch. 

Contact us if you want to hire a UX designer. We will discuss your challenges and goals and assign the most suitable UX professionals to help you achieve your business objectives. 

What is the difference between UI and UX designers?

There are different types of design jobs and experts who can help you do them. 

You can hire the following professionals in the field of UX:

User interface designers: experts skilled in creating an appealing and pixel-perfect user interface (UI) design.  

User experience researchers: experts working next to UI designers and providing insights about the target audience. The research data helps design impactful digital products that meet users’ needs. 

User experience designers: experts skilled in design and research who conduct usability testing, user interviews, and design products based on user experience research. 

We recommend reviewing your requirements, the type of work, and the timeline before you hire a UX designer.

When do I need to hire user experience designers?

UX designers for hire can help you achieve your business goals through impactful product design. 

Depending on your current challenges and goals, UX experts can help you:

  • Validate your product idea through user interviews and testing.
  • Discover usability issues in your product that prevent users from becoming your customers.
  • Design a minimum viable product that you can pitch to investors.
  • Prioritize your development efforts to help you save time and money.
  • Design a digital product from scratch based on user experience research insights. 

Contact us if you want to hire UX designers. We will discuss your project and define if we have UX designers with the right expertise for you.

Where to hire a UX designer?

If you google “sites to hire UX designers,” you’ll see over 25 million results. 

What websites to choose from among that many options? 

As a customer, you want to hire a UX designer who has experience in your niche and has done similar work. We also assume you want to review a few websites and hire UX designers, ensuring they fit your project. 

This hiring UX designers page was created to address your challenges and help you speed up the hiring process. 

As an established UX design company, we’ve researched and analyzed the UX design market for 7 years.

We’ve also reviewed many UX freelancers’ CVs to handpick and hire the top UX professionals.

Therefore, we know the UX industry from the inside out. 

The following are a few reliable websites where you can review UX designers’ portfolios and hire the most suitable experts for short- or long-term projects. 


We proudly mention our global UX company among the reliable websites to hire user experience designers

At Limeup, we carefully examine our client’s challenges and business goals and choose the most suitable UX designer for hire

Our UX specialists become a true extension of the client’s product team and assist at every step of the product development process. 

Startups and established companies worldwide typically hire our UX professionals to research and design a product from zero, redesign an existing platform, website, or mobile application, or help with product development. 

Our UX experts worked with a USA healthcare provider, Raccoon Recovery, to build an exclusive solution that helps people recover from surgeries and injuries faster. We’ve also partnered with a German trading platform, i88, to develop their platform and mobile application.

Our UX designers for hire worked on the Racoon Recovery healthcare product design
We designed and developed a patient’s platform for a healthcare provider

The former two are just a few notable projects we’ve worked on. Companies from education, blockchain, igaming, real estate, and other industries hire our UX designers to work on their projects.

Contact us to discuss your project if you are looking for top UX designers for hire. We also share our experts’ portfolios upon request. 


Clutch is a reputable B2B rating and reviews platform with curated lists of UX companies worldwide. 

The platform can help you find UX services providers in your country or city, quickly review their core services, average pricing, minimum project cost, and former clients’ testimonials. 

It’s important to mention that Clutch does not list individual contributors. It means you won’t be able to hire UX designers through Clutch. Instead, the platform recommends established UX companies you can contact to discuss your UX challenges and needs. 

Many UX companies, like Limeup, work globally and let you hire UX designers on-demand for the duration of your project. 

This way, you don’t deal with individual freelancers. All administrative questions are discussed between you and a design agency. You sign an NDA (a non-disclosure agreement), a contract with a scope of work, expectations, deliverables, and costs, which protects you legally and ensures the work will be completed as per your agreement.


We are pretty sure you’ve heard about Upwork in one way or another. It is one of the world-known and most popular freelance marketplaces. 

Upwork’s business model is simple.

Anyone can register on Upwork, describe their expertise, become a freelancer, and bid on projects in a matter of hours. 

Depending on the freelancers’ specialization, Upwork will recommend available projects posted by different clients. Once the project is finished successfully, freelancers get their remuneration, while Upwork gets a small chunk of profit for connecting both parties.

The projects’ scope varies from short ones, like “need to design one landing page,” to long-term projects with complex digital product design and development. 

You can review some UX jobs in the screenshot below. 

If you decide to hire UX designers on Upwork, you have to keep in mind that this is an open platform for everyone, meaning thousands of designers are out there. Upwork does not check and verify their expertise in any way. So, you can only rely on their profile description and testimonials.

Contact us if you are looking for reliable and experienced UX designers for hire. 

At Limeup, we carefully review and analyze every designer’s CV, portfolio, and personality before letting them join our team. This way, we can ensure top-notch quality of work and a smooth collaboration process.


Whenever you want to review someone’s career path and background, there is a high chance you will open LinkedIn.


According to Oberlo, LinkedIn has over 830 million users from 200 countries. It implies that any established individual contributor has a profile on LinkedIn, and if you want to check someone’s profile, it will most likely be on LinkedIn. 

In a way, the LinkedIn profile serves as an online CV that helps employers quickly review the background of applicants. At the same time, individual contributors can benefit from various job offers. 

If you want to find and hire a UX designer via LinkedIn, you can use the search bar with filtering. 

This quick search can help you find design experts in any destination. However, you might stumble upon too many candidates at once. How long will it take to review a hundred profiles of UX designers in the USA? What if there were thousands of profiles? Besides, these people might not be actively looking for a job now. 

Despite these tiny details, LinkedIn remains one of the most popular sites to find potential UX candidates since you can quickly find and review profiles of real people with real professional experiences listed. 

What skills should a UX designer for hire have?

Knowing where to look for reliable and experienced UX designers is just one piece of the puzzle. 

You should also know how to assess their hard and soft skills. 

At Limeup, our UX experts have worked successfully with startups and established companies for 7+ years. We accumulated priceless experience that helps us assess UX designers’ hard and soft skills quickly and accurately.

According to our Chief Design Officer, Daria, the following are must-have skills for every experienced UX designer.

1. Research skills

A good design is not about how it looks but how it works.

Therefore, professional UX designers should possess research skills to analyze the target audience’s pain points and create user-friendly design solutions. 

If you need help with user experience design, make sure you hire UX designers who are skilled in the following:

  • Conduct usability tests with the target audience.
  • Run user interviews to learn more about your target audience’s pain points and needs and how they perceive your digital product.
  • Assess the design flaws of your digital product.
  • Etc.

Research is an essential part of the user experience design process. Therefore, we recommend you hire a UI UX designer who can do both design and research simultaneously.

How to know whether your preferred UX design candidates have research skills?

First, review their CV and portfolio. They will most likely mention their experience with UX research and usability testing if they did any. 

Second, ask questions. If you jump on a call with a prospective designer, ask what UX research methods they use, how, and whether they have any success stories to share. 

Pay attention to the impact of the UX design work. The UX expert did an excellent job if any critical metrics, such as conversion rates, improved due to the design work.

2. Root cause analysis skills

If your website’s conversion rates suddenly drop, you will wonder why. Perhaps, you’ll recall all recent website changes that might have led to the CRs drop.

That’s called the root cause analysis.

In other words, it is the process of discovering the root causes of problems to identify appropriate solutions.

Experienced UX designer for hire knows how to conduct extensive root cause analysis through UX research to discover what exactly causes performance issues. They recommend any solutions after conducting UX research. This way, they can create new design solutions to tackle your core usability issues. 

3. Communication skills

Any collaboration success depends on how well the communication is structured among team members. 

The initial requirements should be communicated clearly to kick off the project successfully.

The updates should be conveyed accordingly to ensure everything and everyone is on track.

Finally, the results should be communicated well to the client to close the project and keep the client satisfied. 

Apparently, communication skills are the fundamentals of fruitful and frictionless collaboration. Therefore, we recommend hiring UX designers who know how to communicate with clients, will keep you up to date, and explain complex processes in easy to understand way.

4. Basic front-end coding skills

Every design is, sooner or later, implemented in life. 

The easiness and accuracy of implementation heavily depend on the quality of the design. The web page might be code-heavy if the design is cluttered and different styles are used for the same elements, such as headlines.

A heavy page might slow the loading speed, adversely affecting the website’s performance.  

Therefore, we recommend you hire a UX designer who has at least basic coding skills and knows how design elements are coded. 

5. Attention to detail

Micromanagement takes a lot of time and effort. You don’t want to hire UX designers who require 24/7 guidance.

Instead, you want to find a self-managed UX expert who pays attention to details and can handle a complete design project with minimum checkings.

UX designers should consider whether the user interface will differ on desktop and mobile and, if so, how. They should tell you why certain design elements are placed in particular places. Besides, they should spot and fix the bugs, not you. 

Fully owning the project — what attention to detail means.

As a client, you are always welcome to provide feedback and ask for improvements. However, you won’t need to be there constantly if you have an experienced UX designer. 

At Limeup, we assist clients at every step of their product development process, ensuring the final product design meets their initial requirements. Contact us if you want to hire UX designers. We are ready to discuss your current needs and dedicate the most suitable UX designers for your project. 

How much does it cost to hire a UX designer?

As a UX design agency, we often hear the following question from our potential customers: “How much does it cost to hire UX designer?” 

According to Glassdoor and Indeed, the following are the average salaries of UX experts depending on their experience level in the USA:

  • UX Design Intern: US$60,864, roughly $31,7/hour
  • Junior UX Designer: US$100,334, roughly $52,25/hour
  • Middle UX Designer: US$106,896, roughly $55,67/hour
  • Senior UX Designer: US$139,001, roughly 72,39/hour
  • Senior UX Design Manager: US$159,856, roughly $83,25/hour

So, depending on the expertise level, you will be required to pay $30 to $85 per hour if you hire UI UX designers.

The above pricing is an estimate to help you better understand the UX market. 

The actual costs will vary depending on whether you work with a company or a freelancer, years of experience, location, certifications, the impact of design work, and other criteria. 

Contact us to get a price quote. At Limeup, we will estimate the scope of work, calculate the pricing and handpick the most suitable UX designers for your project. 

What to look for when hiring a UX designer

Imagine you handpicked several UX design experts for the final review. What criteria would you use to assess the candidates and hire the best one?

As a global UX agency, we recommend reviewing the following criteria before you hire UX designer.

The portfolio

Every experienced UX designer should have a portfolio with former works. 

A portfolio proves expertise, creativity, and UX (user experience) design skills. 

Design companies, like Limeup, usually display their portfolios on their websites, where you can quickly review the quality of work and decide whether the company is the right fit for you.

If you want to hire UI designers, we recommend asking for a portfolio. A good portfolio should necessarily contain the following elements, which will help you make the right hiring decision:

  • A list of designers’ latest projects
  • Former client names
  • Examples of former works
  • Industries
  • A summary of projects with key achievements


Different industries require different design approaches.

For example, if you work in fintech, you will most likely be more concerned about security than someone from the education sector. Therefore, you will be more open to partnering with UX experts who have previously worked with banks, investment, or crypt platforms. 

Hiring a UX designer who knows your industry will ensure they understand the peculiarities of your industry and your target audience. Therefore, they can progress with your project faster. 

Where to check the industries?

Industries are usually listed in the portfolio or the case study pages. 

For example, our UX designers have in-depth experience in fintech, blockchain, real state, healthcare, saas, igaming, and education industries, to name a few. We openly display our former projects on the website and mention our former companies. 

Contact us to hire a UX designer in a particular industry. Our experts have different backgrounds and skills to help you with your challenges. 

UX research skills

Designing based on gut feeling is a losing strategy. 

Therefore, we stress the importance of UX research during the UX design process. User experience research specialist helps with usability testing, user interviews, product ideas and concepts validation, and more. 

We recommend hiring UX designers with research skills if you are tight on budget or don’t plan to work with a UX team.

This way, your digital product will be designed and built with end users in mind. 

The impact of work

We assume you want to hire UX designer to fix a particular problem on your website. 

Perhaps the conversion rates dropped, or your website’s overall perception worsened over time. As a company owner or CEO, you believe these performance issues can be addressed with a digital product design. 

So, a powerful design solution combines both an appealing user interface and the impact of work.

As a UX design company, we recommend UX designers for hire who publicly talk about and share the impact of their work. The impact is usually expressed in numbers, such as the percentage of CR increase, churn rate decrease, etc. 

If your preferred company or a freelance UX designer worked on notable projects, they could talk about the global impact. 

For example, our UX designers closely worked with a USA healthcare provider on an exclusive platform that helps people recover from injuries and surgeries faster. 

Get in touch with us if you want to hire a UX designer to create an impactful design solution.

The Racoon Recovery patient platform was designed and developed by Limeup

The process of work

A smooth collaboration process is an essential part of every successful teamwork. 

Team members who are updated on the work progress usually perform better and faster. It’s especially relevant for remote collaborations, where team members work from different countries and time zones. 

Therefore, we recommend hiring UX designers with established remote work policies who use various collaboration tools like Slack and Figma to discuss updates and share work progress. 

Design experts should adapt to your working processes and be accessible daily for quick chats. 

At Limeup, we often partner with companies in North America and Western Europe. Therefore, we have developed our own remote collaboration process that lets us effectively work with companies worldwide and stay accessible to our clients at any time. 

Contact us should you need help with UX design. We will discuss your current challenges and business goals and assign the most suitable UX experts to your project. 

Our UX design process
Our UX design process

Is UX design worth it in 2023?

According to the McKinsey report, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies by several years.

In 2023, businesses should be available and accessible online to stay economically viable. Furthermore, they should provide a smooth user experience to satisfy the needs of their customers because the competitors are just around the corner. 

As a UX design company, we know that most businesses want to create impactful digital products for users and with users in mind. They don’t want to waste their budget on shiny designs that don’t work. Therefore, they turn to UX. This trend will most likely continue growing in the following years.

Contact us if you want to hire UX designers. We are ready to help you with user experience design, research, and development. 

Design your product with us.

Drop us a line to hire UX designers.

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