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1. Experience in your industry

Since there are many Bristol design agencies, you need to clearly understand your project needs to find the most suitable design partner. 

For example, if you think your website's visual effects and interface design are the root of the performance problem and your site is outdated, we recommend hiring an agency with experience in your industry that has previously worked on similar projects. 

However, if you want to launch a brand-new digital product, you should probably give more weight to finding someone specializing in research, strategy, and implementation. 

Furthermore, you should have strong business acumen and be able to take the lead in various situations. 

2. Evidence of former projects’ success

If you are looking for UX design agencies, chances are you need help with user experience design and research. Based on our experience, it can take several months to collect user research findings and implement them during the UX design process.

UX design is not cheap and quick.

Therefore, you want to ensure your business goals and users’ needs will be met with a new product design.

How to find a UX design agency in Bristol that will create an impactful digital design?

The answer is — to look for evidence of success in the portfolio of former projects.

In other words, we recommend checking what was achieved. The following are a few examples of an impactful product design:

  • The conversion rate increased
  • User experience improved
  • The website’s or app’s navigation flow improved
  • The cart abandonment rate decreased
  • A company received a grant for business growth

UX Bristol agencies or global design companies aiming to create impactful digital products publicly share the results of their work, if there are any.

For example, at Limeup, we’ve collaborated with an American healthcare startup, Raccoon Recovery, to develop custom software development aimed at helping patients recover from injuries.

After finishing the project, the client has got €700,000 for business growth. That’s an excellent example of an impactful UX design we are proud of.

Contact us should you need help with UX design, research, and development. We are ready to help you achieve your business goals.

Limeup designed a custom software solution for Raccoon Recovery

We designed and developed a custom software solution for Raccoon Recovery

3. Established UX design process

UX design companies in Bristol and beyond usually work in sprints and follow a UX design process. This way, they can effectively prototype, test and design validated solutions by the deadline.

If you are looking for a UX designer in Bristol or an agency to help you design your product, we recommend asking them a few questions about their UX design process.

You can ask the following questions:

  • How does the collaboration start?
  • When will you need my involvement?
  • How are we going to collaborate?
  • How often will you update me on the progress of work?
  • Do you do user experience research? If yes, how?
  • Do you create clickable prototypes and test them with users?
  • Will you share the research findings?
  • Will you share design examples?
  • Will you implement the design feedback?

The former are a few questions to help you better understand how your preferred UX agency Bristol operates and how you will collaborate during the design process.

At Limeup, we always start a UX design process with a kick-off meeting, where we discuss the client’s challenges, business goals, and target audience and define the next steps. We continue with user experience research and user testing.

If we work on existing product redesign, usability testing helps identify challenges users face while interacting with a product. In the case of a new product design, user experience research allows us to validate our hypotheses and create a clear product architecture.

As a next step, we implement research findings during the UX design. Every aspect of the design work is communicated to a client to ensure the final design meets the expectations.

Depending on the case, we can develop a digital product or assist in development to ensure product design is implemented correctly.