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Review some of our best web designers for hire below who can help you with any web
design and development challenges. You can hire web designers for short and long-term projects.
Joanna Marda web designer for hire
Joanna Marda
Senior web designer

Marcin Przystalski web designer for hire
Marcin Przystalski
Senior web designer

Magdalena Borowska website designer for hire
Magdalena Borowska
Middle web designer

Hire a senior product designer 1
Daria Khomych
Senior product designer

Hire a middle Web designer
Kianna Westervelt
Middle web designer

Tamilla Garibova UX designer for hire
Tamila Garibova
Middle UX designer

Jamie Salac UI designer for hire
Jamie Salac
Senior UI designer


How to hire web designers

1. Share your needs

Describe your current challenges and business goals through our contact form. At Limeup, we will review your message and check if we have suitable web designers for hire.

Share your needs to hire a web designer

2. Pick a date and time for a call

We will organize a call to learn more about your challenges, share how we work, and what our website designers for hire can do for you.

Pick a date and time for a call

3. Review candidates

During the call, we share the portfolios of our most suitable candidates for review. Before hiring web designers, you can talk to them to discuss your project and the next steps.

Review web designers for hire

4. Hire the best web designers

When all terms and conditions are clarified, we sign the contract and the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) if required. Our web designers for hire start working on your project.

Hire the best web designer

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netherlands flag Netherlands

Researched and designed a banking web application

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cubes Web3 & Blockchain
usa-flug USA

Researched and designed a Web3 social media platform

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Why hire our web designers

7+ years of experience designing digital products for healthcare, real estate, fintech, edtech, crypto, and igaming companies.
93% of our website designers are at mid- and senior levels.
We help with web development to ensure your digital product is pixel-perfect.
We are flexible in working with clients from different time zones.
We design impactful digital products based on UX research findings.


When should you hire a web designer?

Whether you are a company owner who wants to improve the existing website’s look and feel or a startup that wants to establish an online presence, you need a website. That’s where website designers for hire can help you out!

A web designer for hire can do the following:

  • Create a user interface design for a new product
  • Redesign an existing website
  • Design an MVP you can pitch to investors
  • Suggest how to improve existing user flows, such as a registration or an onboarding flow
  • Define brand colors
  • Create a UI kit for a company
  • Help with graphic and logo design
  • Help your developers implement the design flawlessly

Contact us if you want to hire web designers. At Limeup, we have an experienced team of designers and developers ready to help you with your product challenges.

Where to hire web designers?

With the skill set necessary for the position of a web designer for hire, it would be easier to look through CVs and portfolios and hire web designer to spotlight your design team.

Let’s look at where you can hire web designer for your project.


As a product design agency, we often help companies worldwide with product design services. Our experts work with clients’ product teams on short and long-term projects.

If you don’t have in-house website designers or want to hire external professionals, we can dedicate the most suitable website designers for hire for as long as you need.

Our website designers can help you with the following:

  • Website redesign
  • User interface design
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Product design for SaaS and B2B
  • Web design for ecommerce
  • User experience research and testing

Contact us and share what you need help with. We will review your request and see whether we have suitable experts to help you.


Upwork is a global freelance marketplace where you can find experts with different skills for various projects. Before hiring web designers on Upwork, you can arrange introductory calls and check their portfolios.


Many web designers for hire showcase their projects on Behance, where you can find information about their work experience and achievements. You can evaluate their portfolios before the partnership.


Dribbble is one more place to hire web designer. The site has many user-created galleries with the best designer works featured. You can find different design examples, see who created them, and contact experts you want to work with.

What to consider when hiring web designers?

If you need design help, you can hire web designer or partner with a product design agency. Options are endless.

However, how to find the most suitable partner for your project? We recommend reviewing the following criteria while choosing a vendor.

Portfolio with former works

Ask for a detailed portfolio with former design works before hiring website designer. As a client, you want to evaluate the quality of work, the diversity of project types, where the former partners come from, how long the projects lasted, and what was achieved.

Has the designer worked on any products similar to yours? Does the design work look professional? Would you like to have something similar done for you?

You must critically assess the experience and work quality before hiring web designer. The costs of work are usually high. Therefore, you want to ensure the most suitable expert will work on your project.

Professional experience in various industries

Imagine hiring a web designer who worked in the wellness and healthcare industry. However, you work in the fintech industry and want to develop a secure banking application. In this case, a designer won’t be able to foresee all peculiarities of banking app design and development.

We recommend working with web designers who have experience in your industry, know your target audience, and have a proven track record of successfully delivering projects. This way, you can be sure the final design will meet your business goals and client needs.

Design process

The design process covers all steps of product design, from an idea, the first design mockups and wireframes, to pixel-perfect design.

Experienced website designers for hire have an established design process they follow every time they create a new product design or redesign an existing solution.

Before you hire website designer, they should walk you through the design process and explain the value of every step. This way, you will better understand how your designer works and when to expect the design work to be finished.

Collaboration process

Whether you hire a web designer in your city or opt for remote work, knowing how you will collaborate is essential.

Your designer should keep you updated on the design work, communicate challenges and implement your feedback.

At Limeup, we often work with clients from different time zones. Our web designers for hire give brief updates daily, organize weekly calls to show the designs, discuss the progress and define the next steps. We also use collaboration tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and emails to communicate between calls.

Contact us if you need web design help. We have dedicated design and development experts to help you with your product.

How much does it cost to hire a web designer?

Depending on the project type, web designers charge a fixed fee or an hourly rate.

If you can carefully plan your design project and foresee all nuances, you can go with a fixed project fee. According to Clutch, the minimum project budget is usually $1,000. The cost to hire web designers depends on your deadline, the complexity of the work, and the team size. You will get a price estimate after discussing your project requirements with a designer.

Alternatively, you can hire web designer and pay based on the number of working hours. The hourly rate starts from $15 on Upwork and goes beyond $100. It’s up to you what web designer to hire, but remember that a good design is never cheap. The price often reflects the quality of work and the attitude.

What skills to look for when hiring website designers?

If you wonder how to hire web designer that will meet your project requirements, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of skills essential for an experienced web designer for hire.

Expertise in design principles

Design principles are guidelines for creating compelling, attractive designs. Impactful design requires an understanding of essential design elements.

Typography​​, color theory, and composition

Typography is a crucial element of any product design that communicates a message via a copy.

Color is used for aesthetic and functional purposes and can influence the behavior of users. Designing with a color palette of complementary colors enhances the visual design.

The composition serves an aesthetic and functional purpose, balancing elements and grabbing customers’ attention.

User experience design

Designing for and with users in mind can help you achieve your business goals and facilitate navigation. A good work of a web designer for hire can motivate users to purchase, helping your business generate more revenue through online sales.

User interface design

UI design relies on user-centered design processes, rapid and iterative prototyping, visual representation of data and information, and usability testing. When you hire web designer, ensure they possess strong UI skills to design a pixel-perfect design.

Knowledge of HTML and CSS

Before you hire website designers, ensure your candidate has at least a basic understanding of the website code. Otherwise, your developers might have issues implementing the product design.

Furthermore, code-heavy web pages might slow down the site loading speed, which is a ranking factor.

Contact us to discuss your project and hire a website designer. We have experienced designers and developers who will help you implement your ideas into life.

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