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Our digital design services

Product Design

Helping you create your product from an idea to a pixel-perfect design

Product Development

Developing custom software products and solutions of any complexity

UX Design

Creating user-friendly digital products based on user experience research

Web App Design

Creating functional web applications with compelling user interface

Mobile App Design

Prototyping, testing, designing, and developing mobile applications

Design process

digital design services

Discovery & Strategy

We explore your business and product, then conduct market and user research to define product vision and strategy.

  • Business analysis
  • Product audit
  • Market research
  • User research

Idea validation & prototyping

We use research and data to pinpoint opportunities and then build a prototype to test the idea on real users.

  • Information architecture
  • User flow
  • Layout structure and grid system
  • Wireframes
  • Interactive prototypes

Visual design & finalizing user scenarios

We convert user-friendly prototypes into eye-grabbing UI solutions that are both easy to use and entertaining.

  • Brand identity
  • Design systems
  • Style tiles
  • Animations
  • Visual identity
  • UI kits

Development support

We offer the right tools and digital design services to help you develop, test, and launch your product. Our comprehensive approach gives you a great boost as you go live. We'll also be there to support your website as it grows and evolves.

  • User testing
  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics
  • Optimization
  • Product review

Collaboration models

Fixed price

  • We work with fixed budgets and strict deadlines
  • We deliver excellent digital design services produced with the fewest resources
  • We offer high-quality solutions regardless of the budget

Managed team

  • We provide teams of experts with the required expertise
  • Our clients can be 100% sure we take care of each and every detail
  • We build strong partnerships with our clients

Time frame

  • We concentrate on long-term projects and take them to perfection
  • Scope of work and workload are flexible
  • Our digital design services take the product from idea to launch

Domain expertise

Real Estate

We help real estate companies by delivering meaningful, functional digital design services perfectly tailored to their business needs.


Our creative approach empowers iGaming companies to bring their products to a winning level with cutting-edge product design.


We partner with financial companies to provide impactful digital design services that increase their market share and generate more revenue.


Limeup is competent enough to develop comprehensive solutions for the healthcare community.

Web3 and Blockchain

Blockchain and crypto companies often face the same problems: brand identity, user experience, and interface design.

Limeup offers edtech design solutions 1


Education companies worldwide are looking for innovation, and we are here to provide it.

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