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Our web development services

Custom web applications

We build custom web applications of any complexity for businesses that are looking to reinvent an existing platform or create one from scratch.

  • CRM and CMS development
  • Integrated web applications
  • AWS cloud infrastructure
Custom web applications


Our website developers craft unique solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs and provide ongoing support.

  • Corporate websites
  • UI/UX design & branding
  • SEO-friendly


We take care of e-commerce projects by providing professional web development services for the retail industry.

  • Platform-based webstore setup
  • Product information management
  • Online store migration

Our web development process


The beginning of each project entails understanding the business goals and gathering requirements to ensure each web development service meets the clients’ and users’ needs. We conduct in-depth market research and analyze all of the necessary features and functionality to validate the initial idea and plan the development. By grasping how to solve the problems of consumers, we can build a solution that will be in demand.

Web design

The design stage is divided into two stages: UI and UX design. We will begin by creating a wireframe that showcases the basic structure of the website. Then, we create a visually appealing interface based on the agreed styles and branding guidelines. Subsequently, we work on prototyping an interactive experience to confirm the design adheres to the established standards.

Web design
Web development

We provide top-notch web application development services, taking time to meticulously evaluate the project requirements and select the most appropriate development frameworks and technology stacks. Our team builds the necessary functionality for the web platform, implements the completed design, integrates databases and other third-party services to deliver a competitive and high-quality solution.

Web development

With the web development phase being complete, we make sure the final result is operational and ready to be deployed by conducting several testing sprints. At Limeup, our quality assurance engineers and experienced web developers run a variety of tests to identify any issues or vulnerabilities within the code and effectively eliminate them. This helps deliver a platform that is stable and secure to the end users.

Testing in web development process
Launch and support

Once the finished platform is approved, we are ready to deploy the website to the client’s server, marking it as an official launch. In addition, our website development service includes ongoing maintenance and post-project technical support. Our team can work alongside you to guarantee your website stays up-to-date and under control. If you want to learn more about our development process, you can fill out our contact form.

Launch and support in web dev

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Our technology stack




Java Script
Type Script


Google Cloud

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How long does it take to build web development solutions?

The answer to how long it takes to complete a web development solution heavily depends on factors like the project’s complexity and the scope of work that needs to be done. Generally, when you contact a development provider for a consultation, they analyze the requirements of the project and give an approximate estimation of the duration.

On average, if you are looking to reinvent an existing platform, want to develop an MVP, or the project is fairly simple, the development can take around three to four months. On the other hand, custom solutions that are built from the ground up and require a lot of resources to finish can take anywhere between six to nine months.

Do you provide post-launch support with web development services?

While some companies neglect to provide comprehensive post-project support, our team at Limeup is always ready to help you with any challenges that may arise after the launch. You can rely on our web developer services to maintain your website once the initial development is complete and the platform is available for users.

Some of the technical support services that we offer include certificate updates, server monitoring, library updates, and many more. Keep in mind that timely analysis of the performance of your website is also a vital part of long-term success. You want to have a concrete understanding of the users’ perception of your platform and be flexible in adapting to current demands.

Is hosting of a developed platform included in the website development services?

Whether or not the hosting services are included in the package depends on your agreement. Some clients prefer to use another provider’s services to host their website once it is developed. At the same time, others would rather rely on the same company that developed the site to manage the hosting.

As established web development services providers, we take care of all aspects of website creation and maintenance. We believe that a company should provide full-cycle development and be a trusted partner for their client, supporting them in the long run. Therefore, you can count on our service to manage cloud hosting.

What is the average cost of web development services in the United Kingdom?

The price that website development service providers typically charge is not as easy to calculate as it seems. There are a lot of factors that make up the final cost you can expect, both upfront and over time.

How basic or advanced you want your website to be will play a major role in price formation. Full-cycle development from a web provider will include services like bespoke development, custom design, CMS development, database and third-party service integrations, etc. This will inevitably cost more than using pre-made templates and website builders.

In addition, other costs are associated with running and maintaining a website, like website hosting, domain name, SSL certificate, and more. However, the costs are relatively low compared to the initial development.

Depending on the website you are looking to build, you may expect the prices to range anywhere between £20,000 to £60,000. It is always advisable to contact a provider of website developer services and get a custom quote on your project.

What to consider with сustom web development?

Opting for bespoke web development services is a great option for brands that are looking to build a unique website that stands out from the competitors on the market. A custom website will be able to reflect your brand identity more accurately and supply your platform with functionalities that are tailored to your requirements.

With that being said, if you decide to go through with custom web development, you need to take a few aspects into consideration. For example, you must have a realistic view of the budget and establish feasible deadlines. This will allow you to allocate enough resources to build the website on time and within the expected costs.

Additionally, you have to account for the future scalability of your website. It is essential to develop the software in a way that leaves room for potential growth. Consulting with your selected development provider about building a scalable and flexible solution is a must.

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