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Check out some of our best app designers for hire that can help you cope with any mobile
design-related challenges. You can hire a mobile app designer for short and long-term projects.
Hire a senior product designers
Stephanie Fisher
Senior product designer

Hire a senior product designer 1
Daria Khomych
Senior product designer

Hire a middle UX designer 1
Daniel Egerton
Middle UX designer

Hire a middle UX designer
Lucas Hooper
Middle UX designer

Hire a senior product designer
Tom Schirmer
Senior product designer

Hire a middle product designer
David Mirkovic
Middle product designer

Hire a senior product designers 1
Dilara Ross
Senior UX designer

Tamilla Garibova UX designer for hire
Tamila Garibova
Middle UX designer


How to hire app designers

1. Share your needs

Tell us about your design-related challenges and business goals using our contact form. At Limeup, we will review your message and come back to you with our most suitable app designers for hire.

Share your needs to hire app designer

2. Pick a date and time for a call

We will schedule a quick call to understand more about your needs, describe how we work, and what our app designers for hire can help you with.

Pick a date and time for a call

3. Review candidates

During the call, we will share profiles and portfolios of the candidates that we think will suit your project. You can discuss your project with our experts before hiring an app designer.

Review app designers for hire

4. Hire the best app designers

After agreeing on all terms and conditions, we will sign the collaboration contract and an NDA (if required). You can hire mobile app designers to work with you for as long as needed.

Hire the best app designer

We work with these tools

Brainstorming and Ideation











User flows and wireframes









High-fidelity prototyping











From prototype to product







See what we worked on

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netherlands flag Netherlands

Researched and designed a banking web application

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Koto English
ukraine flug Ukraine

Designed and developed a web and mobile app that makes learning English fun

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Educational app design and development for Koto English

Why hire our app designers

7+ years of experience in designing digital products for healthcare, real estate, fintech, crypto, edtech, and igaming companies.
We help with mobile app development to ensure your digital product is flawless.
We design effective digital products based on usability testing and research findings.
93% of our app designers are at mid- and senior levels.
We are flexible in working with clients from different time zones.


Who is an app designer?

App designers work on creating user interface designs for mobile applications. They develop Android and iOS mobile apps for companies in various industries, such as fintech, healthcare, and crypto, to name a few.

App designers for hire can help you with the following:

  • Creating clickable app prototypes for usability testing
  • Designing easy-to-navigate mobile app user interfaces
  • Redesigning existing mobile apps to improve usability
  • Optimizing the conversion rates
  • Optimizing existing user flows, such as registration or an onboarding flow

Every time you open an app, you get to witness and interact with the work of an app designer. There are thousands of mobile applications on the market, so the job of an app designer is to create an application that will stand out against a myriad of competition.

Contact us if you’re looking to hire app designers. We have a team of professionals ready to help you with an app design.

What does a mobile app designer do?

App designers focus on delivering a smooth user experience (UX) and an appealing user interface (UI). They create designs to attract customers and make them want to use the app.

You can hire app designers to design app user interfaces, like buttons, icons, animations, user flows, etc. They will also be responsible for creating the navigational structure, tabs, modal views, and other design elements with which the user will interact within an app.

Here are some of the responsibilities of an app designer:

  • Developing concepts for what the app can look like based on the requirements
  • Brainstorming ideas for how design can solve the needs of a target audience
  • Creating wireframes with navigation paths and design elements
  • Creating clickable prototypes that show what the final interface would look like in action
  • Designing a mobile application

Professional app designers must have strong communication skills and great attention to detail since they work closely with clients to deliver a frictionless user experience.

Contact us if you’re interested in hiring app designers. We will review your message and come back to you with the right experts to help with your project.

Where can I hire app designers?

Our potential clients often ask, “Where can I hire an app designer? Over the recent years, many websites that offer app design services have emerged, and the sheer amount of them can be overwhelming.

As an established app design agency, we can recommend the following websites where you can find and hire a mobile app designer.


Being a global app design services company, we proudly feature our company Limeup among the most reliable websites where you can hire app designers.

We approach every client’s project by attentively examining their challenges and business goals to select the most suitable app designers for hire. Our experts are ready to work with you on short-term and long-term projects, assisting you at every stage of the app development.

Many rising startups and established companies have turned to Limeup to design an application from scratch, redesign an existing app, and other services. One of them was Poker House — a gaming app that recognized the need for a new modern design.
After reaching out to us, our team concluded extensive work to eliminate various user experience and visual design issues. This brought Poker House a redefined design that embodied the app’s identity and delivered a more seamless user experience.

Contact us to share your ideas and challenges. Our team will come up with a suitable solution so you can reach your business goals.

Pocker House app design

We redesigned a gaming app to modernize the user interface.


Linkedin has become a major social network where various professionals from different industries seek job. In a way, many candidates and employers view Linkedin as an online CV that gives a brief insight into a person’s background.

It’s a great place to research and hire app designers for your project. With that being said, there are some downfalls to using Linkedin as your main platform for hiring experts.
Upon your first search, you will notice thousands of app designers for hire. Reviewing that many CVs will take a lot of time and will frankly be overwhelming. Not to mention, some candidates may not be actively looking for a job at that time.

Still, Linkedin is a useful platform to hire an app designer, regardless of how long it may take to find the right candidate.


In recent years, Upwork earned its name as the most popular platform for hiring experts of all professions.

The platform’s structure is simple: anyone can register as a freelancer, fill out their profile describing their skills and previous work experiences, and apply for projects right away. As a client, you can review the candidates’ profiles and testimonials from previous clients.

It’s a great place to find and hire a mobile app designer for short- or long-term projects. However, there is one issue with Upwork — since it’s an open platform, they don’t verify app designers’ expertise. So, pay close attention to the profiles and testimonials when choosing an app designer.

How do I hire app designers?

Hiring app designers for your mobile application can take time since many good candidates are available.

Before making a decision, you need to have a solid understanding of what your requirements for the mobile app design are and what goals you want to achieve.

As a customer, you need to choose an app designer with expertise in your niche and who has possibly worked on similar projects. That way, you ensure the designer fully understands the scope of work and the peculiarities of a certain industry.

As an expert app design company, here’s what we recommend you should look for when hiring app designers:

  • A portfolio with previous design works to prove expertise
  • Description of completed projects that detail the process of work
  • Former client’s names and their testimonials
  • Experience in industries they have worked in previously
  • The impact and results of design work
  • Means of communication and collaboration when working on a new project to show the level of involvement

Be sure to look for app designers for hire who proudly talk about their work and its impact.

Contact us if you’re looking for a reliable app designer who can design an impactful mobile application.

How much does it cost to hire an app designer?

An important question that worries many entrepreneurs is how much it costs to hire an app designer. Experienced and talented app designers have become highly in demand. This is not surprising, considering how fast the digital industry is growing.

Many factors go into determining the cost of hiring an app designer. The most impactful ones are:

  • Scope of work
  • The complexity of the project
  • Functionality
  • Platform (Android vs. iOS)
  • Industry
  • Freelance designer vs. app design agency

The rate of an app designer for hire also varies based on their experience, location, and other criteria.

Another factor is whether you agree to a pay-per-hour model or settle on a fixed price for a project.

According to Upwork, the average rate of an app designer is $20–$40 per hour. Keep in mind that these are estimated prices. You will receive an accurate quote by consulting with a freelancer or an app design agency.

Contact us to get a quote on your project. We will estimate the scope of work and calculate the expected price of working with our app designers.

Drop us a line to hire an app designer

Drop us a line to hire an app designer

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