We addressed Limeup to help us hire illustrators to join our design team. We were especially pleased with how quickly their artists could deliver content. The agency maintains an equal level of excellence on the more rudimentary tasks, such as designing simple but elegant logos, to the more complex assignments, like product illustrations, to simplify the user experience.

Tobias Belcher
Tobias Belcher
Design Director
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Limeup delivered excellent work for us and met our strict deadlines even when the schedule seemed impossible. If you want to get something done quickly and retain your sanity during the process, they will come through for you every time.

Ben Tyrell
Ben Tyrell
Chief Operating Officer
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We chose Limeup from a pool of other suitors because they exhibited a capacity for creating and executing our vision. They managed to hire an illustrator within a short period who made product revisions depending on feedback from us and kept tweaking the illustrations until they were perfect.

Jasmin Winkler
Jasmin Winkler
Business Development Manager
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Hire illustrators in 4 easy steps

1. Describe your needs

We are committed to helping you build a highly skilled team with no shortage of talent and the best interests of your project in mind. Having identified your goals, project scope, and skills required, we work to find illustrators for hire that are qualified to do the job.

2. Review candidates

Our HR department hand-picks potential illustrators for hire and questions them about their portfolio, tech and soft skills to ensure they're an excellent fit for your project. We'll provide you with a list of illustrators meeting your criteria.

3. Finalize your choice

We conduct an in-person interview so you can easily choose who will be the most valuable contributor to your next project and hire illustrators that will enhance your product. Our illustrators come from diverse backgrounds, with experience working on a wide range of contemporary products.

4. Design your product

Our team of experts works with you to understand what you want to achieve with your product illustrations and create the right style for it. We handle the administrative details, freeing them to focus on creating remarkable artwork and building long-term relationships with you.


Illustration tools and technologies we use

Tools we use to create illustrations

illustrators for hire

Adobe Photoshop

illustrator for hire

Adobe Illustrator

hire illustrators


hire illustrator

Affinity Designer

hire an illustrator 1


illustrators for hire 1

Clip Studio Paint

illustrator for hire 1

Gravit Designer

How we differ

9/10 client satisfaction score

Building trust is the fuel that our business runs on. We have built lasting relationships with many of our long-time clients as we help them hire illustrators, which has made us a favorite choice for companies looking for some awesome illustrations.

93% of senior and middle illustrators

Our team consists of illustrators for hire, ready to do whatever it takes to create stellar products that resonate with consumers, bringing you closer to success.

Risks management

Our risk management system ensures a smooth, stress-free process and illustration delivery by accounting for the full spectrum of risks we may face.

Carefully selected

The team of illustrators is built upon the strengths of a diverse pool of experts with years of experience in the design and art fields.


We instill our company's values in every project we take on. We pride ourselves on creativity and creating memorable products while working with an exceptional team of people who are just as excited as we are to work together.

Long-standing experience

Our team’s inclusion of proficient industry experts is our most important asset. Our illustrators for hire have experience working with various domains, ensuring each project’s success.

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Why hire an illustrator?

An illustration can transform your brand with just the right visual element. It can be a powerful tool to help your target audience relate to your company and their feelings towards it and create a lasting impression that will last for years. Illustrators for hire to bring your digital product to life, give it a personality, and help you tell your story.

You may have heard the word “stock art” before, but if you’re looking to hire an illustrator to create the visuals you need to stand out from the crowd, you’re in the right place. A great illustrator for hire can go beyond basic stock art, allowing you to dig deep into your brand story and uncover nuances in what sets you apart as an authentic and unique business.

The search for good illustrators can be a time-consuming process. Still, in the end, it will be worth it — especially when you consider the benefit you’ll receive when you hire an illustrator who knows how best to provide visual solutions that will work for your business.

How can illustrations help businesses grow?

The illustration is the most powerful form of communication available. With the right designs, illustrations can be used as standalone assets or integrated into your product or service in order to make a big impact on its design and overall appeal. If you hire an illustrator for your next project, you will add intangible value to your business.

Make your product approachable

When it comes to selling your product or service, illustration is a must. High-quality illustrations can help clearly visualize your audience what your product can do for them as well as keep their attention. Users are bombarded by imagery every day, which means they’ve become far more discerning regarding images. High-standard illustrators for hire have a unique skill set that allows them to communicate ideas in a way that’s easily digestible and visually appealing.

Help stand out from the crowd

In today’s crowded market, custom illustration is a powerful tool to help you stand out from competitors. This is different from sourcing stock illustrations that may be available to everyone. Investing in artwork created specifically for your brand can significantly help your company stand out from the competitors. When you hire illustrators and designers to create custom graphics and illustrations, you ensure that your brand has a unique look and feel that can be memorable to customers.

Connect with users emotionally

Illustrations add value to your brand experience in a way other channels cannot. When you hire an illustrator to tell the story of your product’s unique personality, you can align your brand with your audience, which relies on visual cues to connect with products and services. Your story can be told in a way that connects with your customers, who will then rely on the illustration to reinforce their trust in the product.

What is product illustration?

Product illustrations are an important component of your user experience, especially when communicating complex ideas in a simplified, attractive way. They add life to a concept and make your product more appealing. It is an excellent way of representing simply what you want to communicate in an engaging, friendly manner. Companies hire illustrators to look at the problem or message and translate it visually.

When to use product illustration?

Product illustrations can be used in many different ways and come in many flavors, depending on the information you’re trying to convey. They can communicate complex information quickly and easily, help guide users through a purchasing process or provide an overview of how a product might be used. So, in what ways does product illustration usually come in handy?

  • Onboarding users
  • Explaining to users the steps they need to take
  • Tell a story about the usage and/or manufacturing process
  • Show off a particular feature of the product
  • Simplify the perception of massive text
  • Congratulate users for accomplishing the goal
  • Prevent confusion or misunderstanding
  • Provide visual cues for those who are color blind or otherwise unable to perceive color differences

What are the values of the product illustration?

All businesses need to be visually appealing and engaging with their customers. This is why illustrators play a vital role in creating and designing the visual content that engages their audience. Though many companies overlook the importance of illustrations when building a product, it is an integral component that has to be on the primary to-do list. So, what are the most important benefits you receive when you hire illustrator to enhance your product?

Make onboarding seamless

Making sure your product is easy to use at first glance and throughout its functionality will make your users stay with you or come back again. This also means they are more likely to share the good experience they have had with others. To achieve this goal, present onboarding screens that have a proper balance of simplicity and intuitiveness. Also, make sure that illustrations on these screens please your users by making their experience both personal and entertaining.

Emphasize the functionality

The most important thing with illustrators for hire is that their work should support the product and help solve the problem. A non-intuitive illustration may confuse users and distract them from the benefits of using it. You do not need to create more sophisticated or colorful graphics but rather focus on making the message clear and compelling.

Highlight the most valuable features

Seasoned illustrators for hire help keep the most important details of a product at the forefront. Avoid marking every aspect as highly important when highlighting a product’s features. It is more likely to drive users away than encourage them to understand the product if everything is marked as functional.

Enhance the product’s visual appeal

If you need to hire illustrator to catch users’ attention and convey the intended message, emphasize the importance of the artwork to be visually appealing. Alternatively, if the illustrations are not pleasing and stylistically coherent, they will inevitably lead to misunderstandings and confusion.

Add personal touch

It’s a fact that people will pay attention to your message if they feel comfortable, and the illustration here can help your readers feel better. If you want to send information or just let someone know that you appreciate their efforts, then this image can help. Hire illustrator to humanize your message and make it more personal.

Solve users’ problems

Visual storytelling is a great way to help users solve problems with the help of your product. It gives a person the ability to understand your product features and their potential before using it. A top-notch illustrator for hire can make it easier for people to trial your products, help people understand its functionality better, create an image about the brand and finally improve the sales.

Where to hire an illustrator?

When it comes to digital products and content, you’re most likely looking for opportunities to hire an illustrator to turn your ideas into meaningful visuals. Matching with the right talent is critical to creating the images that bring your product to life. However, finding the right illustrator for hire can be challenging as you navigate through different platforms and portfolios, searching for artists with the style and expression you need. To help you plan your search, we’ve provided a list of sites where you can hire illustrators.


Behance is an online portfolio-based job market. It allows designers and artists to display their work, research trends, and build a professional network. In order to interact with the talent pool and hire illustrator or designer, you must buy a membership. The monthly fee also provides access to job postings.


Dribbble is a designer community that hosts portfolios and offers a platform for hiring. You can search for talented illustrators based on their portfolio, skills, and location, or you can post a job on the site and hire illustrator that matches your requirements.


For small businesses and enterprise companies alike, Toptal is the best place to hire an illustrator. The company vets each applicant using a rigorous screening process, ensuring clients will only be matched with an A-level talent. Whether you need an illustration or a custom brand identity, the team at Toptal will match you with artists with the skills to do the job.


Upwork is one of the leading freelance platforms that has grown in popularity over the years. It offers a variety of services to assist clients and freelancers in their interactions with each other. To hire an illustrator, you can post a job and review the portfolios and ratings of your candidates.


Twine is a freelance platform that connects creatives with clients. The platform includes a job board that allows you to post projects and hire illustrator from the comfort of your office. Once you’ve chosen an illustrator, there’s a fluid communication system that lets you customize the details of each project and receive files in real-time.

What to expect from an illustrator for hire?

Illustrations seem like a simple thing but really aren’t. Illustrations straddle the line between art and solid craftsmanship, so making sure your new illustrator will deliver aesthetically pleasing pictures and enhance your product and improve user experience can be challenging. Here are four things to look out for before you hire an illustrator:

Art and design expertise

An illustrator for hire needs to clearly understand the design process and use text and composition masterfully in the images. Illustrators also need to know how their ideas will work technically on screen. You want to hire illustrator able to find solutions that allow their creative ideas to come through while achieving the best balance between artistic quality and practical results.

Versatility and adaptability

When you need to hire an illustrator, it’s essential to understand what kind of illustration you’re getting. In other words, there are different styles in illustration, and the artistic skill of an illustrator can make the difference between a complex picture and an “easy-to-read” one.

Communication and presentation skills

The illustrator’s work isn’t only about illustrating a project. It is also about communicating with the client and accepting the requirements. They should be confident in their ability to accomplish the task and defend every illustration they create.

Prioritize functions, not aesthetics

Illustrators should possess a unique combination of talent and skills that affect how well they can perform their job. It’s not just about the illustrator’s imagination and taste—an illustration must accomplish its task, not just deliver visually appealing content. In addition to conveying the message, it should tell a story and blend well with the project’s layout, typography, and other elements.

Embrace uniqueness while staying up to date with trends

An illustrator for hire should be aware of contemporary trends when looking for ways to translate the content into compelling and unobvious images. While trends may come and go, an illustrator shouldn’t blindly follow them. By creating merely trendy images and nothing more, the product will get lost in the sea of “trendy” ideas for online and offline projects. In addition, such illustrations may pass their expiration date with the change in trends.

Show empathy

An illustration is a unique way of presenting a product or even an abstract topic. It lets your customer understand what you do and makes the communication easier by building the proper context for things. An illustrator for hire can present the product and make it more human and user-friendly. When you show your products in the best possible way, you will positively affect your customers’ emotions and, as a result, build more personal relationships with them.

What is the creative process of product illustration?

A fancy illustration is primarily a result of a creative illustration process. What do you need to know about the process before you hire illustrator to create visual storytelling for your project?

1. Sketch phase

Once the client has provided all the needed information, our illustrators for hire create a rough digital sketch to give a first idea of what the illustration could look like. If not agreed otherwise, we set a deadline for the sketch and provide feedback on any changes desired. It is also possible to order several ideas or sketches.

2. First feedback

We will always work closely with you to make sure the way we communicate is straightforward and efficient. Upon receipt of your information, we create a first digital sketch to provide a first idea of what the illustration could look like. If not agreed otherwise, we set a deadline for the sketch so we can decide on whether or not the options provided moves us closer to your desired outcome.

3. Execution phase

This phase involves the actual creation of your illustration. This will vary depending on which medium was agreed on. Some ways of executing an illustration take longer than others and vary in price.

4. Final changes

Once your illustrator for hire has completed the sketch and you’re happy with its details, you’ll get a chance to review it before sending it for illustration. Inevitably, some changes may need to be made so the illustrator can implement them before sending over the final illustration.

5. Enjoy the result

Once the work is complete, the illustrator will provide a digital version of the final illustration and send it via the chosen communication channel.

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