Project Plan


Redesign and develop a custom CRM application


Product Manager, UX Researcher, Product Designer, UX/UI Designer, Business Analyst, 3 Back-end and 2 Front-end developers, QA


9 month


76 CRM screens + adaptive versions


Inventor is an international network of out-of-school educational institutions that help children develop programming, engineering, and project-thinking skills from a young age.

We partnered with Inventor to design and develop a new, more effective CRM system. The greatest challenge our team faced was to make it intuitive enough for kids, their parents, and teachers to use it with no effort.

Our team has delivered a web customer relationship management application that collects all the necessary data for teachers, students, and parents.



Limeup implemented a solution that meets the needs of the Inventor’s growing global operation. Our team designed and developed a CRM system that is now helping the network of schools efficiently manage their educational process.
Our customer relationship management application includes education-specific features like the course and enrollment management, scholarships, tuition payment tracking, and automatic e-mail notifications.
Student Progress
Student Profile details
Finances equipment
Student Progress
Student Profile

Discovery Phase

The client approached us with an existent CRM that worked poorly and did not cover the needs of a rapidly growing network of schools.

To deliver the best results, we needed to design the CRM system according to the precise users’ needs. We conducted extensive user research and learned about the solutions existent on the market. Our designers needed to find the balance between collecting the most relevant information and making the system simple enough so that non-experienced users could access it without effort.

Information Architecture

We completed the discovery phase by finding what users want to accomplish and how they want to accomplish it. We then organized content into an information architecture that allows users to adapt to product features, find what they’re looking for, and complete their goals.

Information Architecture


Color palette

Student profile

The student profile gives an overview of your student’s performance in class. It contains attendance and progress updates, along with personal information like their name, address, phone number, and parents’ contacts.

Progress tracking

A critical feature that students and their parents can use to track their progress and assess which skills they’re still struggling with. This feature promotes academic growth and allows a student to get feedback from teachers in real-time. It also allows parents to see a summary of a student’s progress by week or month so they can quickly see where their child is within the course.

Tuition payment

Tuition management is a key component of a school’s CRM system. A well-implemented tuition payment feature can eliminate paperwork, streamline processes and reduce staff workload.

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