Project Plan


Banking web app design


Product Manager, Business Analyst, UX Researcher, 2 Product Designers


3 month


65 web screens + adaptive versions, 80 app screens


A fintech company from the Netherlands came to us seeking a design partner to build a new banking web application called VolkBank.

The primary goal was to create a banking app that would provide users with a unique and flexible way to manage their finances. One of the main tasks was crafting a web application accessible to users of any age.

To succeed, we had to alter the universally used banking app design approaches while retaining attested easy-to-use principles.



We identified the primary user scenarios, determined key app functionality, created the information architecture and crafted an elegant and intuitive UI design.

Recognizing the problem that online banking apps are often complicated, we focused on making the product accessible and user-friendly.

Our designers ran multiple user tests to ensure the app was accessible to all target groups.

As a result, we’ve designed a banking web application verified with the target users and with all the deliverables ready for development.

Create Template
Create Template

Information Architecture

We completed the discovery phase by finding what users want to accomplish and how they want to accomplish it. We then organized content into an information architecture that allows users to adapt to product features, find what they’re looking for, and complete their goals.

Information Architecture


Color palette

Accessible dashboard

The dashboard helps people manage their finances with minimal effort. It provides them with information on their total balance and the most recent and ongoing transactions. Users can customize the dashboard so that it fits their needs perfectly.

Easy payment management

The app’s home screen gives users a quick overview of all their payments. They can send money with just a few taps, check recent transactions, and access their frequent payments. We also allow users to switch multiple accounts.

We also introduced a perks feature that offers customers cashback for purchasing items of specific categories.

Recipients and contacts

Users can send funds by adding recipients manually or by syncing their contact list with the app. We also allow adjusting recurring payments like utility bills or gym memberships.

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