Project Plan

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Educational app design,
development and launch

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Product Manager, 2 Product Designers,
UI Designer, Illustrator, Motion Designer

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20 weeks

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150 screens of Mobile App and adaptive
version for Tablet


Koto English is a mobile app designed to help users learn and practice English in an easy and entertaining way. It is intended for target audiences willing to increase their English level but don't want to spend too much time studying. The application is easy-to-use, and users can learn and practice English through small exercises, which are fun to play.

Our team has worked on Koto English's educational app design and development from scratch. The core idea of the educational app is to make learning English fun by using a game-based design that keeps users motivated, concentrated, and engaged. The client also asked us to create an educational website design to boost marketing activities.

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With the new application we created, learning English is easy and fun! During the onboarding, the app helps the user define their English level and then adapts itself to the user's level, adjusts the difficulty of each task if needed, and offers a wide range of topics for continued learning. In addition to three types of games—Quiz, Time Attack, and Battle—users can choose to collect awards, track statistics, and play with their friends. We also helped launch the product successfully with an educational website design.

Main page
educational app design
educational website design
educational app design 1
educational website design 1
educational app design 2
educational website design 2
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Information Architecture

After a thorough discovery, we developed a logically structured mobile app architecture that determines what data to place on each page and how those pages relate to one another. Modifying and testing the educational app design is much easier now that the architecture is well-designed.

educational website design 3

Information Architecture

educational website design 3

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Battle with friends

One of the ways to master English is to enroll in a battle with friends and other players across the globe. Users can challenge each other, win, and earn achievements. With live interaction between players, users can test their skills in real-time and improve a lot faster than if they were to practice alone. This is also a fun way to enrich the vocabulary and make new friends.

educational app design 4

Study & receive awards

Koto English is a fun and easy way to learn English that takes place in the real world. By completing activities or winning battles against other players around the globe, users earn points, receive awards, and set records. The educational app design integrates gaming with language learning, offering users a chance to make new friends and learn together while making the process of improvement fun.

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Track your progress

We offer a statistics tool to track down the progress of our users. It shows where they were in their learning curve and allows them to compare it with other learners. For further engagement, we enable users to share their results and track their friends' progress.

educational app design 5

Educational website design

We know how important it is to have a high-quality french educational website design. We created a landing page that briefly depicts Koto English's main features and benefits. Our UI design team created a variety of awesome cat illustrations to engage users and make the educational website design look clean and eye-catching.

educational website design 5

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