What marketing services do consulting firms offer?

The services offered by marketing consulting firms differ based on the specialty of the firm in question. That said, most consultancies can analyze and develop omnichannel digital marketing strategies and would most likely offer to assist with the part of that strategy they’re most familiar with.

Naturally, marketing consultancies are also somewhat biased towards including the services they provide in the marketing strategies they develop. Fortunately, respectable firms only include the methods of promotion that would be most effective.

If you think highly of the consultancy that developed a strategy for you, you can leverage their expertise for the implementation stage, especially since they are already familiar with your brand, business, clients, and offerings.

What is a typical hourly rate of a marketing consulting firm?

Marketing consultants are typically experts with 5+ years of experience in their respective niche of digital marketing, so their hourly rates are a bit higher than that of typical digital marketers.

For consultancies on the list, this ranges from $50 to $300 per hour, though most marketing consultants charge $100 – $150 per hour.

Can a marketing consulting firm be useful if we have an internal marketing department?

Definitely! Some would argue that partnering with a marketing consulting firm is only worth it if you already have a marketing department and spend significant amounts of marketing.

Having a fresh unbiased outside perspective will help weigh the performance of your marketing department and uncover what truly works and what is a waste of budget that keeps going due to corporate inertia.