What are digital marketing services?

A marketing firm in London provides services aimed at promoting companies online. Such an agency can manage your social media, run ads services, create a website, write blog posts, and do other marketing activities to generate new opportunities for your company.

Depending on the services provided by a company, you can receive help with specific requests such as performance marketing, content writing, paid social, SEO optimisation, creating video and photo content, influencer marketing, etc.

Why hire a digital marketing firm?

In-house teams are expensive. Even for large companies, there are some capabilities for which it is impractical to hire a full-time good marketer that can implement video production or web development.

Digital marketing agencies can take care of promoting you online for much cheaper than if you hired employees and give you access to a diverse team of specialists.

Whether you run a small business, a startup, or an enterprise, in today’s conditions, being online is vital for every company. A marketing company will help you to:

  • Reach more customers
  • Improve performance marketing
  • Save money and time
  • Complete a rebranding, etc.

Since a good marketer will run your project, you can be assured of the final result, no matter how specific your request is.

What are the advantages of digital marketing companies in the UK?

The most significant reasons for partnering with digital marketing agencies in the UK are if you are based in the United Kingdom or plan to expand into the UK market. Their unique insights and understanding of market conditions will lend you an upper hand in online marketing.

Moreover, the quality of work done by UK marketing agencies tends to be high. You can hire a whole team for large-in-scale projects or even a good marketer for small requests.

Will a digital marketing agency in London be more expensive than other cities?

While historically accurate, with advancements in teleworking, this is no longer the case. The overwhelming majority of digital marketing agencies in London have established collaboration processes and hire nationwide or even worldwide. Thus when choosing marketing experts, it’s best to decide based on the agency’s competencies instead of the location of its headquarters.

How much does it cost to hire digital marketing agencies?

According to our research, London-based companies’ hourly rates range from £20 to £240. The final price depends on the scope of work, the project’s complexity, provided services, and other factors considered by an agency you choose for cooperation.

How to hire a digital marketing company?

After you define your goals, you can contact a chosen agency for a consultation about your future project. For example, if you want to receive bespoke digital services, contact Luminary Brands by filling out a short form.