1. Review the service lineup of your UK digital marketing agency

Does the UK marketing agency offer the kind of services you’re looking for?The easiest way to weed out unsuitable UK digital marketing companies is to inquire whether they can help with your needs.

Top digital marketing agencies in the UK have a limited service lineup, which sometimes may mean that you need to do several separate projects with different UK marketing agencies to achieve your goals.

On the plus side, specialist marketing companies in the UK tend to charge reasonable rates for their services.

The drawback of this approach is the increased difficulty of managing separate UK marketing agencies, which may lead to delays if their deliverables are interconnected.

Overall, the advantage of being confident in the quality of the chosen UK marketing agency far outweighs the drawbacks.

But what if you want everything managed by one digital marketing agency?

The desire to have all your marketing under the roof of a single marketing company in the UK is a logical one.

Unfortunately, in reality, agencies who “offer it all” fall into one of three categories:

  • Very large marketing agencies in UK with local employees who’ll charge you an arm and a leg for convenience.

    These UK marketing agencies provide good quality services, but their exceptionally high rates make the costs prohibitive to small and medium businesses.

  • Pseudo-local marketing companies in UK that only have sales offices in the United Kingdom and delegate the actual delivery to outsourcing centres abroad, most often in India.

    These digital marketing agencies in UK are a hit or a miss. You may get very lucky and receive a great service for cheap. But you are just as likely to happen upon salesmen who’ll promise significant results and keep promising them for as long as you pay.

    As a rule of thumb, such digital marketing agencies UK tend to manage well with technical tasks such as search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertising.

    Conversely, if you decide to delegate your public relations, email communications, or social media management, the language barrier and lack of cultural context come into play.

    Chance is you will not only fail to see the results you were seeking but harm your brand reputation in the process.

  • Marketing agencies in the UK who do not specialise in a particular service.

    Usually, UK digital marketing companies either keep to their foundational service or steadily add bordering ones if it makes good business sense.

    For example, a UK marketing company that creates websites may start offering search engine optimization or logo design services.

    These are complimentary services that are often needed by clients who order website development and are a natural extension of the services they already offer.

    Even though, such service lineup expansions are done over a significant period of time and involve hiring senior talent and creating new departments.

    The kind of UK marketing agencies we speak of here don’t follow this natural progression.

    The generalist UK marketing agencies are trying to offer everything right off the bet without having the necessary resources to carry out the project if they happen upon it.

    The generalist UK marketing agencies are trying to offer everything right off the bet without having the necessary resources to carry out the project if they happen upon it.

So they either try to:

  • Work with the available resources, in which case you can expect mediocre results at best.

    I.e. “We don’t have a dedicated PPC expert, but Barry that handles social media, copywriting, and email marketing, works himself to the bone and hates everyone around could probably run some Google Ads for them. Ain’t a problem, right?”

  • Ask for help from other digital marketing agencies.

    They are still trying to make a profit, mind you, so the marketing agencies they’ll turn to are some of the cheapest around, generally from India and other cheap outsourcing countries.

As both scenarios above are unappealing, one would be wise to avoid small marketing companies in the UK with bloated service lineups.

So, what’s your best bet?

Are going for huge UK marketing companies or UK digital agencies that specialise in just one branch of digital marketing your only choices?

Actually, there’s an exceptional case to the general picture painted above.

Some of the digital marketing agencies in UK have strong partnerships with other UK creative agencies, allowing them to significantly expand their service lineup without compromising the quality of their services.

These partnerships are generally not advertised openly, so you’ll have to ask a UK marketing agency about them.

Such agencies may be a good alternative for those looking to keep all marketing under one roof, especially if your UK marketing company has some examples of previous works to prove their collaboration.

As an added bonus, if you trust your digital marketing company in UK, you can be certain in their choice of partner, as UK marketing companies tend to be pickier about the quality of work than an average client would be and would choose only reliable UK digital agencies as their partners.

ColorCreative is one such UK marketing agency. They’ve partnered with us on several occasions to bring Limeup’s senior UX design experts into the fray, while we, in turn, outsource branding to them.

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2. Check out the portfolio of works of digital marketing agency in the UK

It is preferable to choose a UK marketing agency that has experience with your industry.

While not a prerequisite, this knowledge will likely make your marketing engagement smoother and help you avoid some embarrassing mistakes, especially in advertisement and communications.

That said, the professional competence of the online marketing company UK should always precede the industry expertise considerations.

A UK marketing company that is expert at what it does will likely do a stellar job no matter the industry of its client.

The same could not be said for a digital marketing company in UK that’s worked with your industry peers but lacks professional expertise.

To summarize, in an ideal world, go for UK marketing companies that have both industry and professional expertise.

But if you have to choose, pick the marketing company in UK that delivers the best work.

3. Examine the delivery process for the services offered by UK marketing company

While digital marketing may seem vague and baffling to those unfamiliar, it is anything but.

Each digital marketing service should follow a strict process.

Whether it’s website design, social media marketing, branding, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, or anything else, a marketing agency should have a defined step-by-step process for its delivery.

The only ambiguity possible is when a UK marketing agency creates a tailored digital marketing strategy for achieving your goals, as there’s no one definite strategy that would work best for everyone.

However, even this step is communicated upfront and explained well by the top digital marketing agencies in UK.

If you notice a lack of detailed process information on the UK marketing agency website, that is already a red flag.

If, in addition, the UK marketing company representative seems deliberately vague in descriptions and unwilling to tell you details, something fishy’s afoot.

Such players may entice you to sign a contract before “revealing sensitive information”. There’s also a good chance that the digital marketing agency in question will not provide you with a realistic quote, but instead tailor their proposal to sound compelling and grab as much money as possible from you.

It is always advisable to look for UK digital marketing companies who are straightforward and upfront in their communications, both on the website and during negotiations, to avoid nasty surprises later.

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4. Find out exactly how the digital marketing agency will collaborate with you

No one likes being left out in the dark.

It’s especially jarring when you’re unaware of how your money is being spent by a digital marketing agency and what results it’s achieving.

Every marketing agency works differently. Some of the boutique UK marketing agencies don’t do frequent updates while others will stay in touch daily.

The key here is finding what you will be most comfortable with.

Here are some tips for making sure that your project with the chosen UK marketing agency will go smoothly.

  • Make sure you’re comfortable with the way your chosen UK marketing company is planning to keep in touch with you.

  • For larger digital marketing projects it is advisable to have an account manager who will serve as your dedicated point of contact, organize all meetings, and deliver progress reports.

  • Ask your digital marketing agency in UK for access to everything.

    UK marketing agency is designing a website for you? Ask for Figma access.

    Social media management? – Say you’d like to peruse the content calendar.

    Search engine optimization? – request the digital marketing agency to add you to Google Search Console and Google Analytics. You’ve got the gist.

Even if you don’t plan on ever exercising your access rights, this will make sure your UK digital marketing company keeps everything timely and orderly.

5. Consider digital marketing agency UK online reputation

Anything could be said on a website. The same goes for the websites of marketing companies in the UK, so any reviews posted on them can be fake. The social media pages of digital marketing agencies in UK are likewise managed by a marketing agency representative and thus aren’t a reliable source of reviews.

To leave a review about a UK digital marketing company on Google my business (the stars displayed when you search for a business online alongside its address and other relevant information) you only need a google email address, which almost anyone has.

Similarly, you only need a Facebook account to leave a review on Facebook, another often exploited review platform.

There are entire agencies specialising in creating a good score for businesses, including marketing agencies in UK. Therefore you can not trust these scores.

The only trusted sources for feedback on B2B companies are websites with strict review moderation and verification policies, such as Clutch and Goodfirms.

Keeping in mind how easy it is to leave a review on Google or Facebook, here is the process for leaving a review for a digital marketing company in UK on Clutch for comparison.

  • Register with your business email address.
  • Provide a link to a LinkedIn account that confirms you’re working at a company that’s leaving a review for a UK marketing agency.
  • Complete a 20-minute phone interview with a representative of Clutch regarding your collaboration with a digital marketing agency in question OR submit answers to a detailed questionnaire.
  • You may get contacted by representatives of Clutch moderation team for additional clarification.
  • The review goes through the manual moderation process and may be rejected if deemed of insufficient quality.
  • The review is posted on the UK marketing agency Clutch profile.

As you can see, such strict guidelines ensure that all the reviews are genuine and impossible to fake.

It’s important to note that reviews do not need to be approved by a digital marketing agency being reviewed to appear on its profile, so if someone had an unsatisfactory experience with a UK marketing company, you’re likely to learn about it.

So if you want to read first-hand experiences of people who’ve worked with the UK digital marketing company you’re investigating, your best bet is to visit Clutch, TheManifest, Goodfirms, or some other independent review platform.

6. Trust your gut when picking a UK marketing agency

And last but not least, trust your gut feeling. As silly as it sounds, a gut feeling can sometimes work better than the most comprehensive digital marketing agency comparison frameworks.

If you feel an instinctive liking towards a digital marketing agency in UK, it’s probably valid even if you can’t explain it.

Our brains pick up a lot of contextual information subconsciously, meaning that your disposition towards each digital marketing agency is influenced by minute details that your brain noticed during research.

When all objective considerations are made, if there are still several options left, go with the UK marketing agency that you feel to be right.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t conduct UK marketing agency due diligence. On the contrary, the more you investigate a certain agency, the more you can trust your feelings.