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Edtech design, development & launch


Web Designer, UI Designer, Illustrator

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2 weeks


40 screens + adaptive version


We were approached by the client to build an edtech solution test from scratch to help users measure their intelligence which is expressed in a number. The client required a user-friendly IQ test with a simple user interface and a dashboard to view results.

The full-scale IQ test is the most accurate and reliable tool for measuring IQ. Our edtech solution consists of a set of 30 questions to assess a person’s cognitive abilities, allowing users to compare their results with other users from around the world.


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We have designed and built an edtech solution that assesses a person’s intellectual abilities. It tests the ability of a person to solve complex problems, both logical and abstract, with no time limit and no pressure. The test is designed to measure the intellectual abilities of people ages 18 to 75.

In addition to determining the IQ level, we provide a large number of individual statistics that allow users to learn about their cognitive abilities. After users test their academic skills, they get an estimate of their intelligence quotient score, individual statistics, and an International Certificate confirming their result.

edtech design

Discovery Phase

To create a highly efficient product that can gather information and provide feedback, we started by redefining the problem we are solving.

The key to this edtech solution’s success was clearly defining our mission and building a solid foundation through research and testing. We started by defining our goals and objectives and then conducted extensive research on the subject area. From there, we analyzed our findings and benchmarked other solutions to ensure they met or exceeded our accuracy parameters.

After conducting in-depth UX research and testing, we built a solid foundation for our edtech solution. Finally, we began testing the test to gain valuable feedback on how it could be improved before officially releasing it to the market.

edtech solution 1

Process stages

We’ve taken the project through four stages to rethink the edtech design and develop a solution differentiating from the market.

edtech design 1

Color palette

International IQ Test color pallete

Visual design

We have researched extensively and found out that our users are attracted by our site’s vibrant and cheerful edtech design instead of the typical academic style standard for IQ tests. A fascinating visual design, user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, and engaging color scheme will make the test journey delightful and accessible.

edtech solution 3

Test process

The user’s performance is assessed with a 30-question test that measures their aptitude in different cognitive abilities. The concept has been thoroughly tested and refined to ensure ease of use and reliability. The user interface is intuitive and easy to understand regardless of users’ prior experience with tests like this. Our designers put an emphasis on making the edtech design simple and intuitive so that it will not distract users while taking the test.

edtech design 3

Statistics & results

Completing the test takes about 5 to 10 minutes. After finishing the test, users are provided with their own results and the overall statistics so that they can compare themselves to other participants. The results dashboard includes personal progress indicators, a breakdown of your performance in each module, and their percentile compared to other participants.

edtech solution 4
edtech design 4

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