Project Plan


Rebuild the betting app design and
overall usage of the product


Product Manager, Business Analyst,
2 Senior UX/UI Designers


20 weeks


80+ mobile app screens & 60 website screens
with adaptive versions and light mode


Aristocrat is a private sports betting company that wanted to update its platform to keep up with its competitors. The client approached us with the task of rethinking the ​​betting app design from the start and updating it with new capabilities. Its old app design had become outdated and required an overhaul to compete in the sports betting market.

The overall concept was to rebrand the image of Aristocrat with a sleek new platform that offers customers better functionality. We followed the design principles of simplicity, completeness, and coherence to create an intuitive and attractive betting app design that could effectively compete with existing sports betting companies.


The shining star of the Aristocrat is its user-friendly design, making this betting platform an ideal solution for a bouquet of trading purposes. With a sleek visual betting app design and perfectly intuitive navigation, the platform gives everything users need for managing their investments.

Adaptive Tablet
Adaptive Mobile
Mobile App
trading app design 5
trading app design 6
trading app design 7
trading app design 8
trading app design 9
trading app design 10
trading app design 11
trading app design 12

Information architecture

It is vital for sports betting website design to present clear information architecture with pages dedicated to each content type. We started with the information architecture that helped us improve the platform's usability, clarify the interface's features, and create clear paths for users.

betting app design 12
betting app design 12

Design system & prototype

We built a design system to make the design process more efficient. It also helps organize the betting app design. Before bringing the product to life, we first created a prototype to test and enhance the platform functionality.

betting app design 13

Simplified filtering

We made sure the search was quick and convenient. For that reason, users can filter the kinds of sports according to their interests.

Private authorization with the protection of personal data

Aristocrat is a private platform that only provides access for selected customers. We designed a convenient registration/login form and ensured high security.

betting app design 14

Enhanced customization

Customization may be the main word when speaking of Aristocrat's betting website design. Users can personalize the platform according to their preferences by picking which leagues and types of sports to follow. We also enable them to change the general outlook of the platform. Users also have multiple opportunities to customize the interface by switching the theme, changing the contrast, colors, icons, font size, etc.

betting app design 15

Betting opportunities

The betting website design may look complicated at first sight. We built a smooth experience and took the website and mobile app to an easier-to-use level. Now, players can place bets via tickets or chat. The new betting website design also enables users to view live games from minimum screen size and place bets simultaneously, regardless of their device. Telegram bot notifies them about the match progress.

betting app design 16

Betting website design

Our intuitive betting website design and careful layout of the information will help create a better user experience. We placed a heavy emphasis on aesthetic appeal, providing visually appealing navigation aids, large images, and simple typefaces that make the platform easy to use and fun to navigate.

betting app design 17

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