From complex to simple

Any web resource starts with the main page, which then has additional branches. However, how to show this hierarchy to the user? For such purposes, designers have a whole arsenal of tools: from color grading to fonts and location on the page. Note that when you visit any popular web page, you immediately understand the connection between the blocks. This is a credit not only to the developers, but also to the web app designer.

Separating the grains from the chaff

Any application sooner or later finds its regular users with a certain experience. At the same time, it continues to attract newcomers. When performing an app web design, it is important to consider that the skills of these users will be different, which means a different functionality will be relevant for each of them.

The task of the designer is to smartly calculate this and arrange all the buttons on the site so that a newcomer is not confused by them, and an experienced customer can quickly find the necessary feature.

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When you first visit a web resource, there are a lot of questions related to its use. A web app designer will help to teach a newcomer and guide them through all the pages where the necessary information can be stored.

This principle is important not only for complex, but also for entertaining platforms. Even learning to play an in-app game takes time.

Repetition is the mother of learning

Users often encounter problems while performing some actions on the page. For example, an accidental keystroke can lead to the deletion of data. The app web design solves this issue by thinking through the script and planning the steps, which protects the user from possible errors.

Many people find this tool intrusive. However, an experienced web designer is able to turn a routine refinement into a direct communication between the application and the client.

Simplicity in every aspect

In web app design, the information is often layered and eventually ceases to be comprehensible to the customer. This problem is solved by separating all the branches of the website framework and by the proper design. The app web design helps not to complicate the interface redundant elements. It allows to place them where they are needed.

The role of a web app designer in development is not limited to the creation of the interface. Their help is also needed during testing and launching.

A common problem in the quality control of a finished web application is the complexity of the navigation. However, all the steps of web app designs can still be done correctly. The answer lies in the layout of the information, since users don’t read the content. They only look at the app. A web app designer takes into account this behavior of the users. It helps to place all the necessary functionality in the field of view of the user.

It follows from these principles that the work of a web app designer is multilayered and extremely important. Without it, a web platform is unlikely to find its target audience and win their love.

Step 1: Engineering

Of course, this stage can take place in parallel with the collection of information by the developers of the application. Moreover, while their goal is to understand WHY the application is needed, the designer tries to understand WHO needs it.

The information about the design can be gathered in many different ways, from simple conversations with the customer to more complex field studies. The goal is the same: to think like a user. It helps to think through the script in a way that addresses the main problem and shows the issues the customer may be facing.

For example, a customer asks to develop web app designs for counting calories. The main goal of the app is to control the client’s diet. Related tasks could be a menu of meals or tracking the weight loss progress.

Step 2: Prototyping

App web design has a kind of life cycle, like a butterfly. If engineering is its initial stage, then the creation of the layout is its second.
The layout is a rough draft of the page on which all the controls are placed. Even a handwritten sketch can become one, but today professional designers are more often used for this purpose. In any case, the layout should reflect the design of the application and its functionality by means of lines and symbols.

After the customer approval, the layout is turned into a dolly — a detailed prototype. It includes the final arrangement of all the elements, their interconnections and the final scenario. Thanks to this step, the customer can see the user’s path on the web page and evaluate the logical arrangement of the blocks.

At this stage, automated programs are used to demonstrate the results of the app web design to the customer. Thanks to them, it is possible to clearly and understandably display the amount of work to be done and demonstrate a draft of the web resource.
Based on the prototype, the application is tested to determine the correct placement of links. This once again, confirms the importance of web application design in development.

Step 3: Styling

When a butterfly with faceless wings is in the hands of a designer, it remains to add colors. Their role is played by the corporate identity, the development of which is another crucial stage.

A web designer starts with one page, filling it with logos, selecting colors and fonts. Once approved by the customer, they move on to other pages, using all the tools to create an effective interface.

This stage is very time-consuming, because every detail of the application requires a specific attention. Even a wrong indent can affect the user’s comfort in the future and force them to look for a counterpart website.

Web app design is a painstaking process that requires special skills and knowledge. It is almost impossible for a novice to do it well. That’s why it is necessary to involve a contracting company.

The experience of big companies proves that the webapp design directly affects the audience response. Even the most well-thought-out script and logical arrangement of pages can be crushed by a wrong style.

For whom are the services of a web designer relevant?

Any growing company is working on introducing new tools to promote its product. This includes not only web applications, but also sites and software.

All these products are created for people, and therefore convenience is a priority. A design web app and other platforms help to attract the target audience, and therefore sell the product or service.

Is it possible to design a web application on your own?

The profession of a web designer is complex and demanding. Professionals in this field not only have many unique skills, but also regularly add new competences to their knowledge due to the fast-paced market. If you want to get a good design web app, seek the help of a designer.

Is it possible to design a web application if the company’s style is under development?

Every customer is different. Some come with a specific task, but there are others who need help developing a design web app from scratch. When planning, the elements that the company is already working with are taken into account. They may require refinement, which will not be a problem for an experienced designer.

How to know if the web app design is developed correctly?

The main sign of a properly developed web application design is the user response. If your platform is gaining popularity and attracting your target audience, then the direction is right. Hence, it means that the app is:

  • attractive;
  • convenient;
  • adaptive.

It is also possible to track user comments, which are a treasure trove of useful information for developers. Users are extremely honest and can give valuable recommendations for further edits. Overall, app web design solves the major problems of users and affects the usability.

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How to find a design studio that can develop a web application?

There are a lot of offers on the market, but there are a few points that allow you to find a reliable partner.

  • Website. Only those who have been able to create something special for themselves can be trusted to design a web application.
  • Reviews. A reliable company will not hide the recommendations of its customers, as they best reflect the results of completed projects.
  • Contacts. Contacting a partner should be easy.

It is possible to find and check all this information on our portal.

How much do web design services cost on the market?

There is no fixed price for developing a design web app. Each case is different. Our company always focuses on the customer’s budget, offering the most suitable solutions. Furthermore, the team meets and strictly follows the established deadline.

Are the services of a designer needed when developing a casino app?

According to statistics, online games, including virtual casinos, are in great demand among Internet users and do not cease to gain popularity. Casino web design helps to attract potential players and makes their pastime enjoyable. The design also plays an important role in the development of slots, making the process of playing understandable and simple.

The design of a web application for such projects is very specific, but familiar to specialists from our team. Write to us if you need this service!

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Why is the mobile optimization needed?

As mentioned earlier, one of the tasks of an app web design is to study the target audience. Performing it, it answers the question “How will the resource be used?”.

Nowadays, universal versions are popular, which can be run both from a mobile device and from the computer. This makes the product flexible and allows it to be used regardless of the circumstances and preferences of the user.