I was looking for a design team to help me with the UX/UI of the app. The team was enthusiastic about the product and excited to give suggestions regarding features and interface design solutions. They’re proactive, prompt, and well-organized partners.

Tobias Belcher
Design Director
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Limeup’s team has the capacity and skills to transform ideas into designs. There are so many things about Limeup that stood out for us in terms of professionalism, responsiveness, creativity, and quality.

Ben Tyrell
Chief Operating Officer
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The team made it very easy to follow their designs and develop the product. They were able to meet all of our product launch deadlines and thus helped us get to market much faster than we had originally anticipated. We would not hesitate to work with Limeup in the future.

Jasmin Winkler
Business Development Manager
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Hire UI/UX designers in 4 steps

1. Describe your needs

To create your custom UI/UX design team, we start with a deep understanding of the project requirements and workflow. Then we work to hire UI/UX designers who will fit your needs.

2. Review candidates

Our HR team gets to know every UI/UX designer for hire to ensure they have an outstanding experience, the tech skills needed, and a glorious portfolio. Then we arrange a video interview for soft skills and language proficiency checks.

3. Finalize your choice

We do our best to hire UI/UX designer that, we believe, will fit the project perfectly. To help you make a final decision, we arrange an interview where you can meet the candidates and choose the most suited UI/UX consultant for your current project.

4. Design your product

As a result, you will get a remote team of design talents devoted to your company’s success. Dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, our UI/UX consultant integrates into your project quickly. You run the project while we assist in administrational matters.

UI/UX design tools and technologies we use

Brainstorming and Ideation

hire UI/UX designer 1


hire UI/UX designer 2


hire UI/UX designer 3


hire UI/UX designer 4


hire UI/UX designer 5


User flows and wireframes

hire UI/UX designer 6


hire UI/UX designer 7


hire UI/UX designer 8


hire UI/UX designer 9


hire UI/UX designer 10


High-detail prototyping

hire UI/UX designer 11


hire UI/UX designer 12


hire UI/UX designer 13


hire UI/UX designer 14


hire UI/UX designer 15


hire UI/UX designer 16


From prototype to product

hire UI/UX designer 17


hire UI/UX designer 18


hire UI/UX designer 19


How we differ

9/10 client satisfaction score

Our clients carry our weight. We make sure they are satisfied when they hire UI/UX designer from Limeup. To us, "satisfaction" is the ultimate core of our service values.

93% of senior & middle designers

Most of the team working with you comprises creative professionals in the product design field. We have extensive experience in the end-to-end development of digital solutions.

Risks management

We acknowledge the importance of risk management to ensure our customers’ security. We consider the full range of risks we may face and ensure a smooth process for all involved.

Hand-picked UI/UX designers

Carefully selected UI/UX design professionals stand ready to help you to build the perfect team and create impactful projects.


We unite the most passionate and sincere people who cultivate an open and fun environment. The synergy of light-hearted cooperation lets us bring the best to the clients.

Long-standing experience

We have gathered a highly motivated team of UI/UX design professionals with vast experience in building stunning digital experiences.

Other designers

Product Designers

If you are looking for a perfect mix of business intuition and design expertise, your search is over. Hire product designer to turn your business idea into a well-crafted digital product.

UI Designers

Great products are built by outstanding teams. Hire UI designers with vast experience designing interfaces that will impress customers and help tyou build a better business.

UX Designers

Our network of first-class UX designers is here to help you create better products. Find UX designers for hire, contribute to your product, and connect with the UX community.

Web Designers

Hire web designers to bring your wildest ideas into reality. Let our team analyze your requirements and find the right solutions for you.


A great illustration can tell the story of your project and create an emotional bond with users. At Limeup, we have a large selection of talented illustrators for hire to help bring your project to life.


What do UI/UX designers do?

What role do UI/UX designers play in the creation of a digital product? What’s the difference between UX design and UI design? These two design roles are unique and often misunderstood. UX and UI are deeply interconnected but have different functions.

UX stands for “user experience design,” which is the process used to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. UI refers to the term “user interface design,” which focuses on the product’s visual appearance. Both are essential to a product, but they mean different things and look at things from different perspectives. Ultimately, UX and UI design work in very close collaboration to pursue the same goal: to meet the needs and goals of users. Hence, you want to hire UI/UX designer with vast experience in user interface and user experience design.

UI/UX designers create user-focused digital products from scratch. The design process includes four stages: discovery, research, prototyping, and testing. You receive an interactive prototype of a ready-to-be-developed product at the final stage.

What is the role of UI/UX designers in product development?

Are you looking to hire a UI/UX designer to strengthen your company’s foundation? Or do you want to visibly improve your digital product and attract more users? A founder or product manager can’t do it all, and you need specialized help to develop a smooth user experience that attracts new users and increases sales and customer loyalty.

Hire a UI/UX designer to help your product reach its full potential by looking at the design, usability, and functionality with a human-centered approach. A good UI/UX consultant will walk through every stage of product development with you, helping to create high-quality experiences for your users.

How do you determine the need for a designer to join your team? The first thing to do when you hire UI/UX designer is to identify the development stage of your product. Do you need a single UI/UX consultant or a team for the whole process? Are you a startup with just a concept or a well-established company willing to expand your services? Depending on your resources, you might need to hire a UI/UX designer that will handle all processes or the whole team to build a product with your developers from scratch.

How does a UX designer fit into the product development process? You definitely need to hire UI/UX designer if any of these stages are on your agenda:

  • Market and demographic research
  • User research and target audience analysis
  • User persona generation
  • User experience journey analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis and interview process
  • Product UX auditing
  • Wireframing
  • Brand identity and style guides
  • Prototyping
  • User testing
  • A/B testing and market demographic research testing
  • Product UX auditing

Which collaboration form is the best: in-house, freelance, or agency?

As a rule, when you want to hire UI/UX designers, you can choose one of the three options. First, you may hire an in-house designer or an entire design team. Either you need the talent occasionally – then you entrust your task to a freelancer or an agency.


If you want to gain total control over the design process, then the right option will be to hire UI/UX designer in-house. These specialists will become part of your company and can quickly be involved in other processes not related to design (for example, marketing). In addition, if you have a stable project and need constant support from a UI/UX consultant, it makes sense to hire specialists yourself.

When you hire UI/UX designer in-house, an incredible advantage is that they do not need to be introduced to your business. Having access to all details, they can solve problems related to the product’s design instantly and efficiently. This happens because they understand the product inside out and know why and how each design decision has been taken.


As a startup company, you probably can’t afford to hire UI/UX designer for a full-time position. However, when you are short of time and have occasional design tasks, going to marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr is not a real solution because it doesn’t lead to consistent quality. The traditional procedure of hiring a freelance UI/UX consultant also involves considerable risk. There are high chances you will never get your product done or simply won’t like the result.

With access to a pool of 100,000+ UI/UX designers and creatives, you can post a job and describe your goals to the right specialists. They will send you a proposal, including their price and timeline estimate. Before you hire a UI/UX designer, they’ll deliver the first draft of the work. If it’s not what you expected, they will revise it until you are satisfied.

Design agency

If you are not looking for a full-time UI/UX designer for hire or need to work on too many projects at once, a good design agency can be your solution.

Limeup is a product design agency that takes care of all your design needs. Working with Limeup means, you receive all services from a single source, at a fixed price, and on a long-term basis. All your design needs are covered by one team of experts and delivered within short deadlines. No matter how many designers your product needs, we can save you time on the hiring process.

When you hire UI/UX designers from Limeup, you get to work with a full-service agency. In addition to UI/UX design tools like Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD, we have the engineering and development teams that can turn those ideas into an operating system. Our lightning-fast launch times will save your company time and money—and get your users to enjoy your product sooner.

What skills do UI/UX designers need to possess?

Here is an essential list of both hard and soft skills to look for when you hire a UI/UX designer:

  • Expertise in graphic editors such as Figma, Sketch, and Adobe products and prototyping tools like Invision and Framer. Animation software would be a plus.
  • Mastery of UX design tools such as user flows, user journey maps, information architecture, prototyping, and wireframing.
  • Deep knowledge of UX research methods and tools, such as usability testing and Google Analytics.
  • Understanding of design thinking methodology and the importance of design metrics.
  • Visual design skills and a sense of aesthetics are as important.
  • Problem setting is needed to identify, prioritize, and solve people’s problems.
  • A user-centered approach to look for the answers tailored to users’ individual needs.

How to evaluate a UI/UX designer for hire?

There are several factors that can differentiate a powerful UI/UX consultant from an average one — from soft skills to hard skills and design basics. Determining the best UI/UX designer for hire for your project starts with knowing what you want and exploring available options. To pick the right candidate and hire UI/UX designer that will meet your needs, we advise you to develop valid selection criteria to make the evaluation and the selection more accurate.

Keep these steps in mind when evaluating a potential UI/UX designer for hire to join your team:

  • First, know exactly what you need. Detail the specifications of your project and define design requirements.
  • Explore the hard skills that are vital to the successful completion of the project.
  • Check the portfolio. The more relevant experience working with similar projects and solving relevant problems they possess, the more likely the candidate will bring great value to your project. Also, reviewing the portfolio will bring you an idea of the candidate’s sense of aesthetics.
  • Assess soft skills, mainly focusing on presentation and communication skills. The ability to present and effectively communicate ideas is vital for a UI/UX designer for hire.
  • Last but not least, try to evaluate if you share the same values. Remember that the ​​most powerful teams are driven by the same values.

After you make sure the candidates match your requirements, offer them to solve a test task to see if they can create a suitable design solution that meets your expectations.

How much does it cost to hire UI/UX designers?

A simple question comes to mind when you start thinking about expanding your design team. How much does it cost to hire a UI/UX designer? What about a team of designers?

The rates of a remote UI/UX designer for hire vary from country to country, ranging from $75-130 per hour in the USA and Western Europe to $8-12 per hour in India, etc. In the UK, you may expect charges for high-quality designs that vary from $40 to $85 hourly.

Good UI/UX designer for hire might charge upwards of $75 an hour, and they’ll create personas for your brand and perform a comprehensive target audience analysis for that price. UI/UX consultant might cost $25 an hour or even less for simple prototyping and wireframing work. But you should understand that these numbers are the rates of a UI/UX consultant without additional expenses. If you hire UI/UX designer in-house, you will also pay for the hiring process and have additional expenses like bonuses and taxes.

What are the best countries to hire UI/UX designers from?

Let’s say, you need to hire a UI/UX designer or an entire team to improve and test your product to ensure it is successful in the market. Which country is the most comfortable location to hire UI/UX designers and why?

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s top design destinations, with many leading firms based in London and Glasgow. There are a few reasons that make the UK so attractive to hire UI/UX designers. Most importantly, UK design companies tend to follow global trends and have shown UI/UX design expertise. The fact that there are no language barriers is another benefit for clients.

Eastern Europe

In recent years, hiring a UI/UX consultant in Eastern Europe has become a trend that grows stronger every year. Many companies seek out talented and experienced UI/UX designers in Eastern European countries due to their affordability, skills, and competence. Eastern Europe is now a global hub with over 5.7 million IT professionals, and local teams are well-versed in various domains and have broad commercial experience. If you want to join the ranks of companies such as Apple, Pinterest, Dribbble, and others, with successful outsourcing stories from Eastern Europe, you might hire a UI/UX designer from this region.


India is still a great place to source talent when looking for a UI/UX designer for hire. The Indian design community is one of the most active in the world, with many talented individuals available. India remains a very cost-effective place to source UI/UX designers, both because of the low cost of development and the high quality of many professionals. Even though many top designers from India have moved abroad for more lucrative opportunities, it’s still one of the best places to find reliable talent for business partnerships.

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