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UI designer
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UX designer
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Web designer

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Best-in-class product designers delivering digital experiences with solid design and development expertise

UI/UX Designers

Master UI/UX designers for hire, standing ready to help businesses make an impact by crafting meaningful design

UI Designers

Expert UI designers for hire with vast experience in rethinking ideas into glorious user interfaces that get results

UX Designers

Seasoned user experience designers for hire with expensive UX design expertise, ready to unlock your business potential

Web Designers

Hire designers to build unique, human-friendly web products that people love to use

Build efficient design teams

Fast hiring process

We streamline finding the right designer to fulfill your project’s needs. We make it easy to hire designers in various fields and domains in the shortest terms, exactly when you need them.

Hand-picked selection

Our teammates are an extension of our company values, and as such, we take the time to get to know each of them personally so that we can be sure we hire designer most suitable for our team.

Top-notch quality

Everyone on our network has a long history of providing top-quality design. When you hire a designer from Limeup, you can be confident that your product will turn out exactly as you want.

Clear communication

Limeup designers are not only skilled at their craft—they're also excellent communicators. They proactively communicate feedback and ask questions that help make the best possible decisions.


Hire designers effortlessly

1. Tell us your needs

Leave a request to discuss your requirements. We will dig deep into your project to clarify the project goals, team size, and desired workflow and help you hire a designer that perfectly fits your needs.

2. Connect with first-class designers

We quickly select the right fit among the pool of our designers for hire, then provide you with highly skilled experts with proven backgrounds in your field. You will hire designers within 24 hours and start building your product right away.

4. Craft your product

Our design team will work with you throughout the entire project to produce a product that meets your needs. We'll help ensure that the designers for hire we recommend are the right fit by testing them out first.

3. Meet candidates in person

Selected candidates will be interviewed onsite to help your team hire designers that best fit the vision and direction of your project. We save you time by vetting these designers to make sure you get access to the best of the best.

Meet high-level designers for hire

Our talented designers stand ready to give your project the attention
it deserves. Hire a designer that fits your needs in the shortest time.

Tom Schirmer

6+ years of experience

Tom is a product designer with more than 6 years of working experience. His experience in numerous industries spans finance, entertainment, fashion, health, technology, and more. Specializes in visual identity, experience mapping, and wireframing to create user interfaces for online products. Passionate for resolving users' pains and designing experiences that they enjoy; advocates for users’ needs. He helps business leaders write product requirements, conduct research, and construct experience maps to create great user experiences.
David Mirkovic

4+ years of experience

David is a data-driven designer with 4+ years of experience building and launching a diverse set of products, including Mobile and Web Apps, SaaS Platforms and integrations, and interactive experiences with Cloud/Game Streaming. He previously worked with fintech, e-education, entertainment, and technology, helping clients develop tangible deliverables such as research insights and experience maps, information architecture, and wireframes. David applies user-centered methodologies to help internal and external teams write product requirements and deliver insight.
Stephanie Fischer

8+ years experience

Stephanie Fischer is a multi-disciplinary product designer with more than 8 years of experience. Her expertise extends to all things design, particularly in the spheres of the user interface, user experience, mobile design, responsive design, marketing, and branding, combined with extensive experience in top-level creative strategy, data analytics, and more. She has worked with design agencies, well-funded startups, and larger companies, building systems, campaigns, and products from the ground up individually and in teams.
Stella Herbert

5+ years of experience

Stella is a UI/UX designer delivering end-to-end digital products. With 5 years of experience making digital products that people love to use, she has worked in fashion, beauty, entertainment, and more. Stella helps solve user experience issues by using the psychology of human behavior to understand a user's needs and create human-centered designs. She uses qualitative and quantitative research to develop clean interfaces based on empathy in a user-centric manner to provide an optimal experience while fulfilling business goals.
Michaela Kabir

4+ years of experience

Michaela has been working in the design industry for over five years, during which time she has gained hands-on experience in creating digital products for retail and businesses. She is skilled in user experience design, user interface designs, product strategy, and innovation for web and mobile applications. Michaela has worked with clients in various industries to create engaging products. An innovator at heart, she loves to develop products that will connect people directly with their brands.
Oliver Breault

7+ years of experience

Oliver is an expert at UI/UX design projects that deliver integrated digital, B2B, and B2C experiences across multiple channels. He is adept at user interaction, problem-solving, research, and coming up with solutions that delight his clients. His UI/UX strategies are integrated and effective, and he makes sure to redefine problems so that his company can deliver the most impactful solutions. Oliver challenges assumptions and uses user research to focus on providing the most effective solutions.
Jakub Ogrodnik

8+ years of experience

Jakub excels at designing user interfaces and helping companies improve their branding efforts. He has experience designing user interfaces, web designs, and product designs and has worked for startups and large companies. Jakub is a strong team player and an innovative problem solver. His passion for visual design shows in the detailed work he produces for his clients.
Jamie Salac

7+ years of experience

Jamie is an expert in UI graphic design and has a deep understanding of UX design principles. Over seven years, he has worked on an array of projects ranging from startup microsites to enterprise campaigns. Jamie aims to ensure quality guidance throughout the creative process, meeting objectives and deadlines while delivering excellence in creative output. He is always pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and he consistently creates pixel-perfect interfaces that delight users.
Ann Ishchenko

4+ years of experience

Ann works as a freelance visual designer for hire, crafting designs for mobile apps, web pages, and presentations. She has a keen eye for detail and an unerring sense of design; she values the importance of research, and he is passionate about his work. Ann has a broad skillset, and she is constantly improving her craft. She keeps up with the latest trends in software design and can communicate those ideas clearly through interactive prototypes.
Lucas Hooper

6+ years of experience

Lucas is a highly credentialed UX designer for hire with a proven track record in UX design. During 4 years of his active practice, he has mastered his skills of creating exceptional user experiences and has worked with many clients to great effect. His clients value his ability to understand their business goals and create optimal user experiences. He specializes in user experience, user interface, interaction design, and information architecture. Contributed to a large number of mobile applications. Lucas is currently undergoing studies for a Master’s Degree in UX design.
Daniel Egerton

5+ years of experience

Daniel is a senior UX designer whose experience in design and user experience spans many industries. He specializes in visual identity, experience mapping, and wireframing to create user interfaces for online products. Daniel previously worked with fintech, e-education, and technology, helping clients develop tangible deliverables such as research insights and experience maps, information architecture, and wireframes. He applies user-centered methodologies to help internal and external teams write product requirements and deliver insight.
Simone Fischer

6+ years of experience

Simone is an energetic and collaborative web designer for hire with six years of experience delivering user interfaces for various domains and specializing in B2C mobile & web. Key player throughout discovery, prototyping, testing, and beyond. Her background in Computer Science and Interaction Design helps her fuse design thinking and methodologies with technology. Simone has studied in and volunteered with several universities across Europe, which has helped her work across multi-cultural teams and provided her variety of soft skills.
Joanna Marda

8+ years of experience

Joanna is a talented web designer with a creative design and sales background and hands-on experience developing brands’ integrated digital experiences. As a senior web designer, Joanna is competent to hire designers, manage the team, and optimize design operations. She embraces complex design challenges, collaborates with clients, and constantly reevaluates her approach to create optimal solutions that address users’ needs.
Marcin Przystalski

6+ years of experience

Marcin is a passionate, highly experienced web and interaction designer for hire with over 6 years of experience designing large-scale, functionally rich websites that delight their users and provide commercial value to the business. As a senior designer, he has a proven history of working with clients in both the private and public sectors to define strategies and then turn them into easy-to-use, high-impact products that delight their users.
Magdalena Borowska

5+ years of experience

Magdalena is a bold and ambitious designer who always strives to deliver the highest quality products. She has extensive experience in web design, including extensive knowledge of usability principles and user experience design. Combining strengths in researching, planning, and people skills to empathize with users in order to uncover problems and deliver user-driven solutions.


How do you make sure the candidates meet our requirements?

We screen for skills and proficiency during the hiring process, including a variety of ways to determine skill and proficiency, such as portfolio reviews and technical coding challenges. We also conduct live problem-solving sessions and formal assessments. To hire designer that will perfectly match your needs, we filter for high-caliber employees who possess the skills and temperament to excel at our company.

Where are your designers located?

By having our experts work from all over the world, you can hire a designer remotely. We offer 16+ hour timezone coverage.

Where do your designers work?

We normally hire designers to work on-site in our co-working space. Our team also tends to work from their home offices.

Can I hire a designer on-company?

We handle all of your design requirements remotely, so there is no need to hire a designer on-site. Although, we can have one of our designers come to you for a short time if that’s what you need.

How much does it cost to hire designer?

Prices for remote designers for hire vary from country to country. In the United States, you can hire designer for $75-130 per hour, while in India, the rate is $8-12 per hour. In Western Europe (particularly in the UK), charges vary from $40 to $85 hourly while offering a high level of competency.

What if I’m not satisfied with the designer?

We carefully screen all job applicants to ensure they have talents and intelligence, but no person can be a perfect fit for every company. That's why we allow clients to work with an expert designer for a trial period before they hire designer that is right for them.

What makes Limeup different?

Limeup enables companies to hire designer fast, easy, and risk-free. Limeup will connect you with the best-in-class candidates for your project, whether a product designer, UI/UX designer or any other design role you may have open.

Our designers are hand-picked by engineers and subject matter experts, so you’re guaranteed to hire designer with a wealth of experience and glorious skills. More than that, we make sure to weed out the designers who aren’t dedicated enough to be successful working for your business.

What our clients say

Their team has helped us tirelessly hire a designer for our project, and we're immensely impressed with the quality of candidates they've put forward. With their team's help, we've found a perfect fit for our project. Limeup's communication is outstanding and their team is always available to answer our questions.

Anna Nowak
Digitalization Consultant
at Alphabet Capital ©

They helped us find a brilliant UI/UX designer for our project, and the work she did has received excellent reviews from our customers. They are extremely professional and friendly, always trying to go the extra mile to hire designer and make sure we get exactly what we want. I've worked with various other design agencies in the past, but none of them comes close to the quality provided by Limeup.

Ben Tyrell
Chief Operating Officer
at Ridotto Entertainment ©

The design team at Limeup is an incredible bunch of people. They helped us hire product designers for our project, understood our requirements, and gave us innovative designs that helped us get ahead of our competitors. Their designers for hire are highly talented, and their design works are top-notch.

Georges Moreno
Chief Design Officer
at ECash ©
Our customers say 5.0  out of 5 based on

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